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OCTOBER 9th, 2013
Busy, busy, as usual.

Did quite a few songs in the last month(s).
Actually, that would be a hell of an understatement.
Even for me.

It all started around June 2013.
After doing (uselessly) Sound Desing for a full month for a Game Of Thrones Independent Film, I was in DIRE need of going back to making music.

After all, as you all know by now, that's what I live for.

Sound Design is fun and all, but I don't think that's really for me.
I like it but it doesn't get my juices flowing like actual music composing.

So I went to my own little batcave of a studio, closed the blinds and the turned off the lights, and just exploded.

And it all started with "You Turn Me To Stone (Every Time I See You)".
After a period without recording music (usually a few weeks), I like to start with a pop song.
Like getting back on saddle or something.
I know some of you will find ridiculous that I call "get back on the saddle" after only a couple of weeks off, but the people who know me CLEARLY know that I'm a workaholic and record at least 3-4 times a week... on a slow week.

Anyway... this one didn't disappoint.
I got so many incredible feedback that I decided to go on to the next level with it, and went to Planet Studios (Thank You guys! Shout-out to JB!) to record it all properly.
Shout-out also to Tristan Forget-Brisson, who did the drummin' on YTMTS.
As always, Richard Addison (Trillium Sound Mastering) mastered the whole thing.
Just a bunch of cool, talented, professional folks, really.

So it was released on August 25, 2013 (and can be found on my site, or on your iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc, etc).
It sounds very nice, and it'll just be easier to shop around this way.

More news coming soon about this one!

I did a LOT of instrumentals as well, for various projects and/or for my own gratification or fun.
I'm really pleased with A LOT of them, which is kind of strange, since I tend to be never satisfied with what I do.

Amongst the chaos, here are some of the titles in progress (or finished) of the last 4-5 months (or so):

*A Sad Waltz On Piano To Brighten My Day
*Better Luck Next Time
*Boxed Up
*Cryptic Message
*Darkness Awaits
*The Darkness Within
*Deep Down
*Deep In The Gorge Of Madness
*Defying The Odds
*Doomsday Test
*El Tabarnacos
*Exploring The Lounge
*Final Battle
*A Flower In The Chaos
*The Forgotten Room
*Free (At Last)
*I Got The Munchies
*In A Dark Place (The Aftermath)
*In Between Worlds
*In The Distance
*In The Zone
*Jolly Hop
*Later That Night
*Locked Up
*The Maze
*Neverending Doom
*Nightly Spirits
*Nightmare Awaken
*No Hope
*Open The Door
*On A Rainy Day...
*Poseidon (See "Rêve De Toi")
*Scarecrow Room
*Secret Agent From Paris (AKA "Sex & Violence")
*Shibussu Village
*Six Feet Under
*Slipping Down
*The Beacon Of Hope
*_________ Main Theme (I can't say right now, sorry)
*The Intruder
*The Night Life
*The Poltergeist
*Tie Me Up
*Title + Intro
*Village Downtown
*Waiting For The Prey
*World In Ruins

(I'm sure I even forgot a few)

Plus a number of other ideas I'm working on but haven't started recording yet.

As well as various non-instrumentals :

*Defying The Odds (Lyrics Version)
*Higgs Boson
*Hollywood Pool Party
*How To Make Banana Cupcakes
*I Got A Feeling
*Oh, Que C'est Bon D'aimer
*Rêve De Toi (See Poseidon, the instrumental version)
*Sex & Violence (AKA "Secret Agent From Paris")
*Sick Fuck!
*We Carry On

And the recent : "You Know That I Know", which is like a Bonnie & Clyde type of love story

I think that's about it.
Wow... really not so bad.
I usually tend to not go in over my head that much, but like I said, I just exploded in studio.

I've been driven by this new AWESOME project that probably won't see the light of day until 2014.
A LOT of the instrumental of the last few months are for this cool project.
Really is gonna be incredible.

I also sent my song "Defying The Odds" so that it will be used for the trailer for the short film "La Fille Sans Nom" (The Girl With No Name"). Kinda anxious to see what it'll look like.

Talk Soon!

My own song of the day : "Black Jackson"



so is some more stuff ready to be uploaded here?

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Ah yes, of course.
Posted a few videos and a couple of songs at the moment

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