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SuperApe Blog

I'll be honest. I've never felt compelled to blog. I can appreciate the blog, I just care not to take part, much in the same way I choose not to take part in wearing a wrist watch or carrying a pda or cell phone. I like gadgets, but I prefer more to keep it simple. A blog for my online persona, SuperApe, would be centered around my efforts in game design, game theory, artificial intelligence and some of my experiences in the game industry and related fields.

So, "Hello World", my name is Glenn Storm (a.k.a., SuperApe). I am a game designer and story artist. I worked for a while in feature animation as an animator, but now work as a game designer. I have always made games, now I just seek to get paid to do it, and maybe free up more of my free time for BabyApe and MamaApe.

In the past few years, I've become involved more with the Unreal engine and the Unreal community than anything else. My mod featured here on ModDB is Old Skool Monsta Toolz (OSMT), an add-on to UT2004 that provides a large tool kit for mappers and modders to create everything from single-player / co-operative adventures to whole new game protoypes, featuring sophisticated A.I. NPCs / enemies, full feature cinematics, and an easy to use extensible architecture. With mapping experience, one can use OSMT in any game type to quickly set up complex enemy behavior, and with moderate UScript experience, one could fairly easily implement custom creatures or characters with unique behaviors, using OSMT's ScriptedMonster as a parent class. For players, OSMT is simply a small download that allows you to play a whole new single-player / co-operative story-driven gametype for UT2004 called OSM Adventure.

I have had the pleasure of seeing OSMT used to help several projects, including being used as a teaching tool in a game prototyping class at Art Institute, San Deigo. Just recently, a mod using OSMT, Ashura: Dark Reign, caught the eyes of ModDB in November's featured mods.

When something blog-worthy happens, I guess I now have a place to write about it. Hope this helps.


Want to friend request you, but can't never find the bloody button mate.

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