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Mortal Online

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Currently I have been playing Mortal Online which is an awesome MMO game with tons of features. The graphics aren't stellar but the games options for materials and crafting is insane as well as the skill sets you can train for your character.A person can chop trees, mine,butcher, tame, breed, extract and many other jobs available.
Another great feature of the game is the skills that are trainable. There is somewhere around 800 books that are available to read for skills that offer various bonuses. Mortal Online possesses no level system but rather a skill and attribute system. A skill that is used consistently gives the player a higher skill level.
One thing I should mention is that the game is free to play but offers a subscription option. Like Star Wars The Old Republic you won't have access to certain features if you are not subscribed. Such as having your skills cap at 60 points instead of 100.
Guild features are also present in the game which also pvp and war with guilds. You can build a palisade and a keep as stronghold points along with towers to spread control. Many guilds can fight for domination or be dominated, such as life. A huge problem with the game is that the textures load really slow and sometimes won't show players in a mannerly fashion and you'll be killed by ghosts!
If you are looking for a hardcore MMO with lots of options and builds that still has a lot to learn then this game is perfect. There are still many formulas in the game that haven't been tested so there is room for discovery. I urge you to at least pick up the free version and give it a try

Into the Dead

Into the Dead

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Into the Dark

Into the Dark

stjohnj Blog 0 comments
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Sakura Matou

Hey Mr. Juste Belmont sir.

I see you play Mortal online, I looked at it a few times and heard mixed things but like it's concept. But is there roleplaying in it? My Fiancee and I would like to know I think that setting would make an ideal RP environment.

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That review is the EXACT kind of game I am looking for..Amnesia wirhout the monsters! Perfect :) BTW-Have you played the Dark Fall series? It is AMAZING-I have actually described it as a horror game without the survival part! They are My all time favorite. The second one was a little dull and less climatic and it is in part because it doesn't take place at the same location that 1 and 3 do-Also keep in mind that part one came out in 2002 so the graphics aren't the greatest, but the atmosphere is amazing-it slowly builds up and you are so freaked out. No blood or gore, just a tension that builds. Then the third one has it all, blood gore, crazy scenery AND the tension building, and building-No monsters, and none needed!

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stjohnj Creator

I know a thing or two about pussy cats

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