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Someone wrote: NullSoldier NullSoldier 5hours 27mins ago says: Did that russian seriously say,

Quote:"We thought about how they just give away TF2 classes."
Apperantly you don't understand how PC gaming works. Charging for custom content in a game is what shitty console gamers do because they are desperate and don't know what moddable content is. Also because publishers and corperations have the console gaming market by the balls. *cough*Microsoft*cough*

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stenchy stenchy 4hours 17mins ago replied: Online What Russian said what? I wonder what it would be like to read everything with such a warped slant. Sing that one note loud and proud because god forbid you should contribute a comment that wasn't typed while frothing at the mouth and have people take you seriously.

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NullSoldier NullSoldier 4hours 6mins ago replied: Apperantly I'm spouting complete garbage and every PC gamer would be MORE than happy to pay for custom content, right guys? You guys ready to start handing over your cash for all those custom skins you installed? It's gonna cost you a pretty penny!

Get a grip, i'm telling the truth. I just approach the topic in a rather different manner that you don't agree with.

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stenchy stenchy 3hours 49mins ago replied: Online Read the article again and let me know where it mentions charging for extra content. Where did you pull your quote from?

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NullSoldier NullSoldier 3hours 32mins ago replied: Quote:Holtman also talks about giving away a character class for Team Fortress 2. Traditional thinking says: "You monetize investments by charging for them." But, he reveals, when Valve gives away it's content, sales spike for several products, both at retail and through Steam.
Maybe you'll learn to read the article next time before you start flaming? Obvious troll is obvious.

*facepalm* This shit really, really irks me.

Henley Staff

ModDB fills my daily quota for soap dramas...

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NullSoldier at it again. I don't think i've seen one good post from him yet :S

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TF2 is a horrible example for this. The classes aren't 'extra' content, they are required for the game to have any sort of balance at all.

Of course that isn't really the point here..

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massive lulz

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I got in some huge argument with him in some comment thread a couple of months ago. Sometimes (rarely) I like what he says, but most of the time he's just an asshat.

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