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Descanse en paz, Hugo Chávez!
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OrangeNero Mar 6 2013, 6:49am says:

Libertad o Muerte.

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WolfireX Mar 6 2013, 7:30am says:

"Косово припада Србији и у историјском и у географском смислу. Косовска независност је неприхватљива,то је врло опасан преседан за цео свет" - Уго Чавез... Слава му !

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Ivanator95 Mar 6 2013, 9:12am says:

RIP compañero, your spirit lives with millions of people in the world.
Да нам буде још таквих хероја, вечна му слава!

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elMengu Mar 6 2013, 1:17pm says:

Wow, wait a second. This guy was a tyrant. He ruled his country to poverty and drove investers out of it. I myself know personally a family of exiliated Venezuelans who had to flee the country when he came to power; Chávez expropiated their family business and their lands, which they had for generations and work hard on them every day. He was an education-less ignorant who came to power by means of demagoguery and populism, let alone hypocrisy: while opposing anything that's got to do with US he filled their oil barrels in the background. He had all these mad ideas such as western countries with wonder weapons that could magically induce cancers, to explain his'.

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elMengu Mar 6 2013, 1:19pm replied:

FARC terrorists killed a number of Colombian policemen they had captured due to Chávez's ineptitude; the Venezuelan government was mediating talks between the Colombian government and FARC, however Chávez ragequited for God-knows-what reason so the terrorists murdered the captive policemen. He banned all TV channels that didn't support him, newspapers and websites. He became a dictator managing to prolong himself in power for over a decade, controlling the media and the army, just like Hitler. Yes, just like him: population living in poverty, blaming on someone else (Jews for Hitler, western countries for Chávez), gaining support from the army, tight control of media bradcasting, populist policies and such. Now he's dead the National Guard is on the streets "to protect the people" and for the whole day today Venezuelans are forbidden outside, they must stay at home. The Venezuelan constitution dictates that the president of the congress is to be the provisional head of state in case the current one dies, until new elections in less than 30 days. However Chávez made sure he tied all lose ends, and guess who's the provisional head of state... No, not the president of the congress as the constitution says, but Maduro (Chávez's second in command).

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elMengu Mar 6 2013, 1:20pm replied:

Furthermore, Chávez's policies could be summarised as "the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if they have nothing to do with us historically, politically, economically, culturally or socially."

Now on to a more specific case, this is personal. To boost his populist speech he chose my country as the source of all evilness. Taking advantage of the poor levels of education among Venezuelans (actually people with studies have to flee) he created a sort of slogan, an image, marketing. For that he chose the figure of Simón Bolívar who was a traitor to his country and a tyrant to his people, ironically very appropiate for Chávez. He was the traitor who thought it'd be fun to revolt against his own fatherland Spain and invent countries never seen before, which are nowadays some of the Spanish-speaking countries in South America.

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elMengu Mar 6 2013, 1:22pm replied:

Bolívar is called "the liberator" by Chávez and people alike, however they don't tell the whole story in schools. He betrayed his country and when he independized Greater Colombia from Spain he became a tyrant to his own people, a dictator. This is the person who Chávez glorified but was he really a liberator? Liberate from what? In times of the Spanish Empire, South America was one of the richest and most prosperous regions of the world, and you see how poor it is since they abandoned Spain. Well, Chile is in fact properous but curiously they have policies which completely oppose those of Chávez. So yes, Chávez glorifies that liberator, who liberated them from well-being and ecinomic wealth. See now? Manipulation of history and reality, just like the Nazis and Soviets did. Anyway, this guy also nationalised many of my country's companies operating in Venezuela just for the sake of it. He insulted our democratically-elected president by calling him a fascist and to be "worse than snakes, a snake is more human." When he did that at an Ibero-American Summit in 2007 he was told to shut up by our King (kudos to the King) and just mere weeks later he bradcasted on Venezuelan TVs a documentary about Juan Carlos I (King of Spain) showimg footage of him with fascist dictator Franco, but omitting the fact that the King himself established democracy when he came to power and prevented a coup in 1983.

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Ivanator95 Mar 6 2013, 1:52pm replied:

It can be expected that a Spanish monarchist would be against him, after all, the Spanish did enslave and pillage most of South and Central America. The Spanish conquistadors (they were no less bastards then the British or French colonialists) working for the Spanish king tried to eradicate the local populace and are why the indigenous people of Latin America are now an impoverished almost-minority. The Colombian government supports it's own far-right paramilitaries that do the drug trafficking in the country; in return the paramilitaries fight their dirty war against the FARC using torture tactics against villagers that the government does not want to dirty it's hands with.
Hugo is known for greatly improving the living standards of the majority of the populace who were living in great poverty.
And FFS I just watched a live stream of his funereal from Caracas, there were over 200 000 people in the streets rallying in Red shirts, the boulevards looked like a sea of red ants, so You Can't tell me that the people hated him or feared him!!!
And it is very interesting how usually the people who hated him don't actually live in Venezuela, just like the ustaše supporters living in the USA would call Yugoslavian state a monster-dictatorship.
Hugo Chavez introduced socialism and handed the countries natural resources (espec oil) to the control of the People and not to the control of USA corporations.
He was not perfect, but was as good as they can get.

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elMengu Mar 6 2013, 3:02pm replied:

That's a huge misconception which is expectable coming from someone who knows nothing about the topic. Spaniards did not enslaved and pillaged native Americans whatever the efforts of Dutch and British propaganda to portray it as if so. My ancestors were the furthest from being bastards in fact, taking that my country was the first to ban slavery and in 1504 passed a law to protect natives and treat them as if they were Europeans. The reason why there is so much native blood left is because far from slaughtering they were protected and educated. That did not happen with the British, French or Portuguese. Moreover at the time the heoric conquerors arrived in America the indigenous populations lived in small tribes enslaved by larger empires such as the Aztec or Mayan remnants. They allied with the Spaniards to free themselves from their neighbours. Central and South America passed to be in their current state when they became independent, and the reason they aren't taking people's hearts, hunting with spears to survive, lliving in the mud and not know the wheel is because of the colonisation. They aren't poorer than they already are because of colonisation, all in all. I recommend you reading about the Black Legend.
About your comment on the FARC is not even worth wasting time on.
Chávez has indeed made his country and people miserable but knew how to make them feel otherwise. Them and some foreigners. That's the real tragedy, they are blind about their situation and the reasons behind it. Anyway so, 200 000 demonstrators is rather a low attendance to the funeral of such a loved leader... And at least you got my point. His detractors fled from Venezuela because they were forced to, so it's normal he's got quite a big hating fans base abroad.

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jfpoliveira12 Aug 29 2013, 9:37am replied:

Wrong Sir, Portugal was the 1st European nation to ban slavery, although it was still conducted in the colonies, mind you. Spain adopted this law, when it was united with Portugal over the Filipian dinasty. Also Portugls colonization was mostly merchantile and peacefull, brazil is full of crossbreeds between the natives, the colonists, and the slaves brought there by the colonial captains.

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elMengu Mar 6 2013, 1:25pm says:

He also made TV channels and schools to portray my country as the essence of evil, making Venezuelans believe they descend from natives slaughtered by Spanish conquerors (which is not even true) and omit the fact that modern-day Venezuelans are a mix of native and Spanish blood, actually having more of the latter. Ah, and blaming on my country the current state of Venezuela which has been actually so since they became independent 200 years ago. And if you can speak Spanish you'd realise how rude and surrealist his speeches are, translations are always inacurate.

Here's the incident: En.wikipedia.org

Greetings my friend, I hope you don't take this as an insult. I'm aware you hold opposing views on the topic but every story has two faces to it.

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OrangeNero Mar 7 2013, 5:10am says:

elMengu as you label his words as misconception I guess you realize that he and others believe into a different viewpoint from yours. This is because history is written by the victors, not the honest. You may want to look up what this other side believes in before arguing with it since its quite useless otherwise. Wikipedia from the western viewpoint wont help you. just think of it, he has Gaddafi in his Avatar, you should know how this person is portrayed in the West. I wouldn't know where to start with showing you Nato lies about the Libyan war, neither would I bother going back 200 years in Venezuelan timeline to investigate it but I can assure you in the end everyone is or was evil and its messed up story that ends with: You don't know for sure who is to blame for but its far more twisted and horrible than officially known.

False Flag operations? ever heard of it? HAARP? i still find it cute how people believe their state fully even after Iraq and the WMD that never existed.

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Ivanator95 Mar 7 2013, 7:59am says:

When I said "over 200 000 people" I was wrong, there were much more!
Here's a few photos so feel free to count them yourself:

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Reborn:X Mar 7 2013, 1:50pm says:

This is most certainly a heavy blow to Venezuela itself and to the political left in the Latin America.


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Serbia remains obliged to you. Eternal glory to Venezuelan hero, who stick his fingers in the eyes of Venezuelan oppressors, with no fear for his life.

Now, may your soul have the eternal peace.

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