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NOTE: The Jump is still in development, most content you currently see is not a final version and
will continue to be improved.

What is this product ?

The Jump
is a indie game developed by Spiral-stopmotion Production. We are in very early development of the game,
were looking at a mid 2013 release date for the game, but your asking what is this game ? well your in the right place,
it's a FPS (First Person shooter) platform game (or platformer) timing and speed means life and death when jumping for
your life the key is getting it right but don't think its going to be something easy to play.... because it not we are trying to
make this quite a hard and challenging game to master. We have had some testing on our game and some have had
trouble with the first level but we love feed back on our game and will change it to what we get back. If you want to be a
Alpha testing email us at ceo@spiralstopmotion.comOne of out big things about timing in this game is well the jumping
to platform to platform, got to get the speed and timing right or you won't make the jump, but what about moving platforms
? well if your on them for to long its bye bye for your life, that's right you will fall trough them, with this features in the
game has proven to make it quite hard and fun.We are open to feedback to what you say about the game and would love
to know what you think about the game features you like and don't like and what features you think we should add.

The Story (so far)

No memory of who you are, your past or future, all you know is that you have to follow all orders given
to you and never question them.The sound of a voice woke you up from your sleep, on some kind of cuber crater. The voice telling you to find the way out, but hiding something, your a test subject for the government to see if they can sustain the growing population of our world, if you fail you will die along with over half of the human population, the voice try to help you brake you free from your code of silence to stop your program to follow ever order given to you, because he you just stop you with a single order.Can you brake free and stop the men in power AND JUMP TO FREEDOM

We love the community !

We are only in very early Alpha and working hard to make a playable alpha demo build for you all to play (that should be coming soon), we welcome feedback on our project, tell us what you like don't like and what you think we should add. We really want to bring the community into this project and help us shape the game to something you like.
For more info on the game leave a comment bellow or email us at
Website :
Facebook :
Contact us :
We will keep you updated as it comes.
Thank you for your time,Have a nice day/night.

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