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me? i'm fan of arma and battlefield series, but tend more to bf because i don't like camping style of gameplay, i prefer rush. i guess, it's because i've got rushin' soul. hehe. i don't like nazis, so if you don't like them also, we can become friends. we don't tolerate gays in russia, so if you also don't like homosexuals, we can become even more than just friends... brüder im geiste. also, all my messages lack of capital letters (if no spellcheck correction) for some reason, no matter what language I use. pls, no offence

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nasorog 11hours 37mins ago replied:


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nasorog Aug 31 2015 replied:

no way, you're ugly

but if you write a book "way of bosnian gay muslim terrorist", i'll definitely read it

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nasorog Aug 31 2015 replied:

yes, brüder im geiste, to be more specific

btw, why don't you explode yourself in mosque yet?

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nasorog Aug 31 2015 says:

you spoke some sense, I deleted thread. have a good day, lady Christian communist:D

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nasorog Aug 30 2015 says:

Весь покрыт промежностью, абсолютно весь.
Остров незалежности у Европи есть.
Там живут несчастные укры-дикари.
На лицо свободные, но рабы внутри.

Что они не делают - не идут дела.
Видно в вышиванке их мама родила.
Крокодил закончился, не вставляет кокс
На Бандеру молятся, не жалея слёз.

Вроде цэ Европа и могли бы жить.
Вышиванку Ленину новую пошить.
Нету в хате света, в печке нет угля.
На Майдане сотня погибала зря

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nasorog Aug 24 2015 says:

what's up, bandera. how about music?

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nasorog Aug 24 2015 replied:

AN-94 is in use in some individual units of the Armed Forces and Interior Ministry (MVD).

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nasorog Aug 24 2015 replied:

citizens of Donbass set some of osce cars alight in Donetsk. useless organization.

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nasorog Aug 24 2015 replied:


actually, it was clear from the beginning. Yatsenuk has Canadian citizenship. porky is jew, he will flee in Israel. previous president of usraine, Yanukovich, lives now in Russia. only nazi ukies shall stay in ruins for the rest of their miserable lives.

orange_tomato, in case you read this, ЛОХ-ЭТО СУДЬБА

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nasorog Aug 23 2015 says:

final version of A-545, or AEK-971 looks like this. not like ugly pre-alpha model from bk2, bf-3, bf-4. DICE, pls

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nasorog Aug 23 2015 replied:

T80 is a nice sturdy vehicle, I believe the only tank with gas turbine engine which came from aviation. from my past days I still remember the starting sound of T80U engine, high-pitched roar, heard from anywhere in the camp. absolutely agree with you, those ones on video easily could be painted T80b out of "conservation" (storage process you mention). ukies shouldn't bet on tanks tho, because those they send before ended whether being wreckage on approaches to Donetsk, or were looted and became part of Novorossian armed forces.

speaking about men force, don't forget that usrainian army is conscripted by the most part, and of those 90000 strong men force only so-called "national guard", azov, and couple more nazi battalions are really devoted to extermination of Donbass people.

usraine is failed state, that's no doubt. 23 years of independence, and they weren't able to build anything themselves, but managed to ruin rich Soviet heritage. now they chose to go nationalistic way, accepted nazi collaborators as national heroes. that one-way ticket.

RIP usraina, 1991-2014

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nasorog Aug 21 2015 replied:

that's still some serious firepower, despite lack of any aviation. but as you already noted, that's gonna be their last hurrah anyway. Novorossiya's fighters, especially battalions Sparta (leader Motorolla) and Somali (leader Givi) are very experienced now with months of never-ending combats, and they are not gonna go quietly.

whatever step Kiev junta takes, it's lose/lose situation. if they not gonna attack DPR/LPR, they risk to be overthrown by strained dogs from right sector and azov. if they attack, they either lose their army, remnant of which gonna turn back on kiev, or they overwhelm DPR/LPR defenses, which will end the existence of usraine. how so? usraine will got itself Chechnya, with some defeated rebels stay in forests, sticking to guerrilla tactics, occasionally attacking governmental forces, while usraine will have to fully rebuild destroyed infrastructure of the east, same as Russia did once, but that gonna be lethal for usraine economy which is still afloat only because loans from IMF.

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nasorog Aug 20 2015 says:

yo, dawg, wanna hear a joke?

Putin: "Poroshenko, why are you waging war in eastern ukraine?"
Poroshenko: "because russian army is there"
Putin: "why aren't you waging war in Crimea then?"
Poroshenko:"because REAL russian army there"

tee hee

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nasorog Aug 20 2015 replied:

i'm not jumping, i'm loyalist! i'm gonna lead those metal boxes to victory! (in case you don't limit it to only one accessible)

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nasorog Aug 20 2015 says:

Black Jack all the way, with two crosses on one flag it's hard to imagine something more badass. but left cross pattern is slightly complicated tho, could be difficult to draw by hand. also, not possible to make this

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nasorog Aug 18 2015 replied:

ахаха, какие ещё войска?:D два кубанских козачка-добровольца которых уже замусолили укросми это и есть армия РФ?:D

ахаха, не смогли одолеть усраину... рассмешил. сильнейшая армия на континенте даже не явилась на войну, а усраина её уже проиграла:D напомнить, как мы Крым взяли без единого выстрела?:D

какие наши пацаны гибнут? это буряты и боевые пловцы Васильевой? скажи, свидомый, а почему тогда у нас небыло ещё ни одной мобилизации, а у вас уже шестая сорвалась?

наша экономика? свидомый, открой глаза - мы бодаемся с целым миром. бывало и хуже. а ваша экономика - при чём тут война? у вас после распада союза небыло долгов (напомнить, кто рассчитывался по ним?), был лучший в союзе агропромышленный комплекс, развитая индустрия и вторая по величине армия. где это всё теперь?? ВЫ ВСЁ ПРОСРАЛИ, ЛОХИ

пункт про фашистов ты не прокомментировал, верной дорогой идёшь, юный бандеровец

вообще, моё мнение, как ватника, что с вас хватит. взятием Крыма и ценами на газ мы вас уже сполна наказали за фашизм. теперь Путину следует перестать поддерживать Новороссию и ополченцев, загнать домой всех добровольцев казачков и кадыровцев. рубль поползёт вверх, санкции снимут, а усраина всё равно уже из говна не выберется

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nasorog Aug 17 2015 says:

got mail notification with your respond

laughed hard, especially part with Arnold Schwarzenegger:D

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nasorog Aug 16 2015 replied: +3 votes   member: Orange_Tomato
nasorog Aug 16 2015 replied:

хто такий цей Старков? в первый раз бачу. чё ему дома не сиделось, надо-то было всего подождать годик-другой, и твоя фашисткая нэнька сама развалится изнутри. коллапс экономики, отсутствие газа, света, фашисты у власти, война на востоке, 5-ти кратное увеличение цен.

наслаждайся улучшениями:D можешь даже поскакать, ты же вильнiй человек:D

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nasorog Aug 4 2015 says:

† ОШИБКА 404! Указанная страна не существует.

● Убедитесь, что название "Украина" - правильное.
● Найдите эту страну с помощью учебника истории.
● Попробуйте обновить правительство страны через несколько дней.

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nasorog Aug 3 2015 replied:

что это?

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nasorog Aug 1 2015 says:

no, i deny it.

when the release date? long time waiting

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nasorog Jul 22 2015 says:

laser-guided missle buggy for NA? where such extra expensive technologies come from in poor failed state? why not to make this missile buggy similar to GLA roket buggy from c&c: generals, just non-guided artillery, similar to bm-30 Grad (Grad could be removed from Federation forces, it can be replaced with something more advanced tho). But keep Kornet Vodnic, it's nice unit

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nasorog Jul 21 2015 replied:

my point? i thought it's obvious. you are spreading lies and disinformation.

yeah, we still has this deal concerning your blatant support of the rise of nazism in usraine. same as before, that's fine by me. but since you started to spread lies and try to diminish honorable name of my country, i felt sudden urge to interfere.

you stated that russian army present in usraine. yet, you give no single proof.

captured and tortured by nazis pro-russian militants =/= russian army.

single downed spy drone/tank/truck =/= russian army.

arms and gear =/= russian army. there's a difference between supplying local insurgents with equipment and sending regular army to war.

>"...I can tell the difference between a Russian and a Ukrainian soldier and I know what weapons and equipment both Armies use." - so where's the pictures and videos of this fancy russian "weapons and equipment"?

orange_tomato is nazi, i have intention to troll him again as many times before, but he prefer to avoid me and not to show himself when i'm around. why do you think i'm afraid of orange_tomato deleting this conversation?

FYI, - this is how real russian invasion begins. mb you can show me footage like this from usraine?

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nasorog Jul 20 2015 replied:

chelyabinsk meteorite - visible for couple of seconds, yet was recorded by dozens of cameras
russian army - thousands of soldiers are waging war in usraine for about an year, yet no single photo evidence

NationalGuard, give up this. you seems has hard time understanding what russian army is, and what it isn't

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nasorog Jul 16 2015 says:


too much spam here, again, like in old good days

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nasorog Jul 16 2015 replied:

truly great speech, and quite accurate English subtitles, btw

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nasorog Jul 15 2015 replied:

despite without any interest, but i read the whole post of yours. no offence, that's the biggest load of ******** somebody ever tried to feed me with. you're wrong on so many points, it's just ridiculous.

i repeat, u do not know anything about usraine.

>"I am able to gain information about it from professional journalists, independent media and experts" - second-hand opinion won't make you smarter. you should learn russian and watch all the interwievs in original, without any manipulation. you just admitted, that you are spoon-fed by propaganda.

>Last time I checked you said you were "struggling against Anti-Russian propaganda" - me? serious? what context this frase was used? re-read, 2-nd page, my comment dated Mar 15 2015, 11:10am. this is what i wrote to OminousSpudd, my friend here on ModDB. fail.

>"So there is fascists committing genocide against ethnic Russians in Ukraine you say?" - yes, there are. and once again, you refer to mass media, your only sourse of information. i don't call usrainian junta "nazis" because of tv and wiki (seriosly, wtf), i judge them by their actions. May 2, 2014 nazis burn people alive in Odessa (but you don't know what Odessa is, are you?). after, when nazi junta came to power, their first act was to forbide russian language, and beginning of extermination campaign against ethnic Russians. genocide campaign failed, but so many children died, and still dying.

>"Stay off the state controlled RT (don't know if you watch it)" - i don't watch RT. but you so strongly deny this news channel, that everyone can clearly see: all the information you percept from mass media is one-sided. you are avoiding any other point of view as if it's sharp edges can blast you bubble. you simple chose to find bliss in ignorance, it's obvious for me. but not that i care.

>"average US citizen couldn't care less about your country" - US? why? i thought, you're from Australia. in Australia you have coalas and kangaroos and big spiders. mind them, not the warmongering worldpower state with top 2-nd nuclear arsenal in the world. our relations with USA is complicated, and even i can't say on behalf of every russian citizen their attitude towards USA.

>"I have neither the time nor interest to "re-inform" you on what is going on" - i had the same intention, yet we spend much time trying to persuade each other. my offer is to stop this. if you want to live in beautiful lie you surrounded yourself with, so be it. this is what freedom of opinion is all about, isn't it?

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nasorog Jul 14 2015 replied:

you are from Australia, right? you know nothing about usraine, besides the second-hand opinion from mass-media, yet you are trying to persuade me in my judgments.

this guy, orangetomato, i had "conversation" with him long before you appeared. and it ended with excessive trolling (as it usually happens, when i meet zombied ukie nationalists surfing the web).

>"he fights for truth" - lies. he's deaf to truth.

>"you claim to uphold the "truth" - i do not remember i claimed smth like that, i'm just tracking about 50 mods here on ModDB. i opened to discussions tho, and i do have personal opinion concerning some things

>"So called "NATO backed Ukrainian Nazis committing genocide against ethnic Russians"? Give me break." - typical westener's judgment, yet you hit the point: indeed, "NATO backed Ukrainian Nazis committing genocide against ethnic Russians". technically, the civil war is going between russian militants from the east and nazis from the west (very symbolic, isn't it?). ordinary ukrainians are taken hostages by nazi junta which came to pover in result of coup d'etat. i don't feel pity for them, i support pro-russian rebels.

to conclude, couple of words about "double standards". as i have mentioned in our earlier conversation, i don't have any. if someone support nazi regime on usraine, most probably he's nazi himself. you are not, you just misinformed by propaganda. it's ok, no problems for me, and i don't fell like kool-aid man to break through the wall, saving you from your ignorance, supplying you with proves, facts and information i do posess. orangetomato is different story tho. he's perfectly aknowledged what's going on, yet he support nazis. he's nazi, believe me... or not.

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nasorog Jul 13 2015 replied:

indeed. ^^

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