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New Project Ideas!!!

Solshadow Blog 1 comment

Sooo ima go off and post everything I've compiled so far:

-3 main sides: Good, Bad, Neutral
-Players can create guilds within those 3 sides
-Guild size affects guild ranks:

  • Rank D = 1-50 clan members
  • Rank C = 51 - 100 clam members
  • Rank B = 101 - 250 clan members
  • Rank A = 251 - 500 clan members
  • Rank S = 501 - 1000 clan members
  • Rank SS = 1,001 - 2,000 clan members
  • Rank R = Only given during special events

-Completing guild quests add prestige to your guild
-Top 5 guilds with the most prestige on a side are entered into a "pact" at the end of each month where they can battle for territory

  • Dragonkyne - Mages who have learned the techniques of dragons. uses only their fists to channel their dragon's element.
  • Celestial Mages - Calling upon the spirits of lore, Celestial mages are powerhouse that can turn the tides of battle.
  • Elemental Mages - Wielding the essence of natures fury, the mages are forces to be reckoned with.


  1. Normal
  2. Time
  3. Holy
  4. Water
  5. Light
  6. Ground
  7. Air
  8. Fire
  9. Metal
  10. Darkness
  11. Electricity
  12. Ice
  13. Void/Null

-3 Types of attacks:

  • Physical - The basic attacks that are close quarters and involve some portion of the attacker coming in contact with their opponent.
  • Magic - Attacks that are made of pure concentrated mana, ranging from your typical fireball to throwing a barrage of glaciers.
  • Ranged - Attacks that hit over distances and dont require the user to made bodily contact with their foe.

Will get more into the mmo later, dont want to put tooo much info on it up just yet.

Puzzle FPS
-"Portal" type puzzle game that uses time altering abilities instead of warping
- Portal Gun = Portal
K.R.O.N.O.S. = Our game
- Kinetic Relativity - Oscillating Nanoscopic Orbifold System = K.R.O.N.O.S.
- Abilities vary from VCR capabilities (i.e. RECORD, REWIND, FAST FORWARD, SLOW, and STOP) to jumping back and forth in time.
- Takes place during Chell's trip in the Aperture Science Center

- "Shatterpoint" Fighting - Sensing weak points in your enemy and pouring such a massive amount of mana into these points that your effectively break or "shatter" your opponent.
- 3 Different Fighting Styles available:

  • Fingers - Fast but light, precise blows
  • Palms - Not as fast as Fingers and not as slow as Fists. The weakest technique interms of power but the strongest interms of mana channeling.
  • Fists - Slowest technique with the highest striking power.

- 6 Different Characters :

  1. Rage
  2. Calm
  3. Joy
  4. Regret
  5. Love
  6. Arrogance (Arro)

ehhh....i got some more but im bored......ill post some more later. Comment on these so far

Starting up again

Solshadow Blog

Well been away for awhile but I suppose its all for the better. Currently working on at least 3 completely different game ideas and hopefully I'll be able to finish my thought, get some feedback and get to work on them. I kinda do want to finish making Infected but then again I hate looking at old work, maybe one day I'll revamp it 100%. Well thats all for now, I gotta go IV breed for an upcoming pokemon tournament,

ttfn (^_^) v

Infected Progress

Solshadow Blog

Well everything is going off without a hitch so far. The team decided to split making the total final version in three parts: Multiplayer, Single Storyline 1 and then the other storyline.

Hopefully we can release the multiplayer soon along with our Moddb page. Zombie mods have gotten alot of flak but possibly when we finish this we'll have redeemed the name. Well more when it becomes news, later days.

Infected Storyline

Solshadow Blog

My Mod: Infected
Infected is not like the typical "one man army" zombie survivor game. Where as the single player can be played and enjoyed alone, it is best suited to be played with friends. I felt that the ONLY zombie games were multiplayer (L4D and a few other zombie mods) and couldnt be enjoyed for BOTH their single and multiplayer content. I hate calling Infected a zombie game as they enemies aren't undead but it will probably be called that anyways.

Background: Scientists, working for pharmaceutical giant Direfulant, begin testing patients for a cure for cancer. The medication given to the patients seems to work and they are released while Direfulant markets the new cure, beginning with their own small pharmacies located on Merritt Island. It is quickly revealed by the Island's populace that the medication is also a cure for the common cold and is embraced by all.

1 week later (after common cold curablity is discovered)

The player assumes the role as Zoey Campbell, a drug store clerk who has lived on Merritt Island since she left her parents house. After a normal day she awakens 12 hours later only to be thrown into a world on fire. Streets in chaos, people attacking others, both buildings and bodies ablaze. With the help of Dr. Felix Reid she must attempt to survive the infected and escape alive.

The player is set free to roam and explore early on in the game with only objectives that help guide the story along. I want to give the player the actual feeling of being in a situation where the best thought isn't to fight but to build and defend a base, find survivors to help and survive just as it would be in real life.

In game the Player has an Infected gauge which will ever so slightly increase on its own due to the story line. The maximum is 100% infected at which case the player "dies" or gets the Game Over screen. If the infection rate is below 50% the player can use weapons and is considered to be human but if the infection becomes higher than 50% then human items becomes increasingly unavailable for use BUT you can movement speed as well as a few other perks.Hopefully they will make the player think twice or maybe even three times about the consequences of their actions.

In one storyline path the player actually will have the chance to become a fully fledged Infected, meaning the Infection rate disappears and the infected abilities are here to stay. However weapons are now unaccessible to you but with the DNA Helix system, weapons aren't needed. The player can find or be awarded replicator nodes which they can use to unlock and even upgrade their different abilities.

-Survivors scattered around the city (some friendly and some otherwise)
-Survivors can help build a base camp where you can heal, upgrade and store your weapons, select new survivors to be in your party
-Survivors can help each other navigate the now desolate Merritt Island (some places are unreachable without help from other people)
-Bosses where bullets dont cut it (sometimes the environment is the best bullet)
-Clothes system (being fashionably stylish might just save you....if you count wearing elbow pads, a visored helmet and some jeans stylish)
-Upgrade system (Upgrade and even build some weapons)

If a person plays Infected for the first time and starts multiplayer they will only be able to play as a generic survivor. Only upon beating the single player campaign will the option to "import" their character from the single player game be unlocked.
*Import meaning - Player will be able to use their items from their single player game (i.e weapons, clothes, upgrades)
After completing the single player campaign as an Infected then the option of playing as a generic Infected in multiplayer will then be unlocked but inorder to enable the "import" feature a special title must be unlocked in the single player game.

Looking for:
Mappers - The game takes place on an island so a majority of the maps will be on an outdoor, urban type environment. There are a few other places though that will be needed, such as government buildings (why is the government always involved?), sewer system, junkyard, subway/tram system and more.
Coders - Alot of this cant be done with code and while I know a minute amount, I still require loads of help.
Scripters - Zombies and Infected act totally different although the general "shoot 'em in the head" does still apply. Infected and our survivors should react a certain way towards one another.
Writers - While I do have the story downpat, I still would like advice on some key details. Also character bios and such are needed.
Skinners - For custom characters and weapons. (Would be weird calling Alyx, Zoey o_O)
Modelers - For weapons and infected and other things.
2D Artists - For making the logo and other fun things

And later
Composers - For background music of course
Voice Actors - For some of the survivors.

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