Im just some dude who is looking for mods for games which he completed 7 times.I've been here a lot recently and decided that I should make my own account and possibly make a mod or two.

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New mod thing coming out...

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Im pretty sure nobody reads this, but I want to see what happens to my "level" system when I post this.Anyways as you can tell from the title, Im making a new mod, however Im only working on level design and story and characters and whatnot.I'm sorta experimenting with the hammer editor right now so if anyone actually does read this don't expect this thing for awhile.However, when I know how to work the editor, I will require some voice actors and people who can animate and whatnot.I feel like an idiot posting this up on at midnight, but Im curious. start thing

SoldJr Blog 0 comments

I didn't even know that accounts on this site even had a blog.I don't think I will use, but well oh well, I'll might as well start it off with this entry.Pointless, but I don't care.

Wow, I just realized what an ass this blog thing was. 300 characters?What if I want to put a short message for updates for people who are bored and want to read my blog for no apparent reason.Seriously, restrictions on our own blogs?

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