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I like to play Command and Conquer, CS:GO, Starwars, Aircraft-Simulators and basicly anything else Action! My main hobbies are playing C&C3; Tiberium Essence and also I have dedicated my spare time to advirtising and to making maps that are specificaly for TE.

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Well, as you may know, the production for the Mod known as Sail the 7 Seas has been slowed due to attempting to hone skills. So, after learning of this, I also learned that I had become un-employed so to speak.

So, thankfully Madiba127, the leader of "Madiba127 Studios", has invited me to become a member of his team and begin helping him work on the C&C3 Mod known as "Fall of Nations".

This is quite nice, as I did not want to not have anything to do. So this is a good release of presure in its own strange way :)

The position I have been "Recruited" for is "Community Manager". This means I will be managing any/all company forums and helping to create any news posts that may be needed. Which also means, I could have my work cut out for me attempting to manage 1-2 more forums (I am already managing Tiberium Essence Fans Forums).

And I am also going to start learning how to model in 3dsMax. If you have any way you could assist me in learning I would greatly appreciate it. If so, then feel free to PM me here on ModDB or Email then to me at:

Thank you very much for reading this,

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