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What can I say I love this game it is one of my all-time favourite games it is simply brilliant.

There are lots of mods out for System Shock 2 and there are also some tools to fix the game sorting out some issues it would have on modern P.C systems.

There are things in this game that still make me jump all these years later.

You can choose to upgrade your skills and there are stacks of skills to upgrade in addition to that there's lots of hacking to do and loads of freaks to kill.

Being stealthy is very important in your style of gameplay because if you just rush headlong into some areas of the game the turrets will take you out.

Another very important thing to remember is that if the cameras spot you the alarm systems will go crazy and if that happens then you can almost be overrun by (The Many), but once the alarm system resets then the onslaught subsides,

You also have the option of choosing what style of play you want to start with and this is based on the career that you choose after you have been through basic and advanced training.

Another point about the game that I really like is that you have to maintain your weapons repairing them otherwise they start to jam and can become useless.

You can also upgrade your skills in this area of the game as well.

You can play the game on one of several different difficulty levels and the harder the level the more scarce things become, things like ammo, nanites and cyber modules etc.

So if you really like a challenge try it out on hard mode and oh yes there is also an impossible mode.

You should spend some serious time playing System Shock 2 it's a great game and you will have a tremendous time, trust me, Insect.

Remember Shodan is watching!

You can download some great mods from here:


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Well what can I say about this Mod, StalkerSoup, well it is a Mod that I really love and I have played this Mod lots.
You would probably enjoy this Mod as well it has loads of areas to explore over 50 areas.

One thing that I really love about this Mod in particular is the artefact hunting that can be done and I really like this as one can earn some cash this way.

Anomalies are randomly placed throughout the Zone making the Zone a much more dangerous place in my opinion, rather than just having the Anomalies in the same old locations and just simply avoiding them because you know what to expect and where to expect it.

Here are some links to this Mod:
Check Tecnobacon link on how to install StalkerSoup

Great Albums!

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Some great albums that I really love, enjoy.

If you want to get into to it, you gotta get out of it!

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl: 1.4 - 1.6 Installations

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Stalker Shoc is a great game and I personally love to try out all different kinds of Stalker mods, old ones, not so old and the latest.

Some of the mods are designed to work with different updated versions of Stalker, nowadays usually from Patch version 1.4 and 1.5 and 1.6.

I have multiple Installations of Stalker installed on my P.C, from Patch version 1.4 and 1.5 and 1.6.

The way that I have done this is to install Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl and update it to patch version 1.4, and then I make a folder inside the THQ folder called Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl 1.4, and then copy the newly patch version of 1.4 into that folder.

Then I update the normal Shadow Of Chernobyl game from patch 1.4 to 1.5, and repeat the process again making a folder called Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl 1.5 and then copy the newly patched version 1.5 into that folder, and then I do the same for Stalker version 1.6.

I then end up with three patched versions of Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl 1.4 - 1.5 and 1.6 all inside the THQ folder.

Then inside those folders if it is not already there created I create a folder called mods so that I can save my downloaded mods into the corresponding mods folder.

Another thing I do is make sure I download the files that enable me to not have the Dvd in my drive.
I create a back-up of each Bin folder in each Stalker folder just in case of problems, I then right click on the XR_3DA inside the Bin folder and send a shortcut to my desktop, I then rename that shortcut to the corresponding version of Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl and in this way I am able to play any version of Stalker I like with any mod that matches the correctly patched version of the game.



The Great Granddaddy - Wolfenstein 3D

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Wolfenstein 3D - The Great Granddaddy

Oh yes this great, great old game brings back fond memories
for me and if you have just over seven hours of spare time kicking around and you’re
ready to get Psyched then strap in and enjoy the ride and click on the link
above. In Wolfenstein 3D you take on the role of (William "B.J."
Blazkowicz), a Nazi butt kicking one man army of unstoppable force.

Wolfenstein 3D is a pixelated heaven of in your face nonstop
action, granted it may not have the eye candy of today's first person shooters
or flaunt itself like a lady of the night that is dressed to kill, but it takes
you for a ride of nonstop in your face action like the woman of your dreams
that does not take herself to seriously and leaves you feeling refreshed
energized and most importantly satisfied.

If you haven't played Wolfenstein 3D before then you should,
if you’re not one to worry about all the bells and whistles that modern-day games tout then go for it I guarantee that you
will have a blast and like that lady of the night dressed to kill you will be
left feeling fulfilled.



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