I'm just a guy playing Amnesia. I like maps without jump scares and I might do a play through of them. I'll be glad to do it but it must have atleast 2 puzzle and no jump scares.

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Playing maps that are requested!

Slaya091 Blog

I am now accepting people to send me maps or let me test them, I will play them shortly after and post a review on the mod's review page. I have done 2 requests and looking forward to doing more. Send me all the maps you want and I WILL play and review them! I enjoy maps that have : More puzzles than jumpscares, good atmosphere, no monsters spawning every 10 seconds, funny AND serious maps of all sorts.

Got my first voice acting part!

Slaya091 Blog

I have become a voice actor on the mod "Amnesia the Untold". I play as a son and will hopefully do my best and entertain most players. If all goes well I will be a voice actor in other mods too. Stay tuned for upcoming events and I'll see you later.

- Slaya091

P.S I may do playthroughs of various mods also, so send me your mods to test!

Good news.

Slaya091 Blog

I now play more custom stories and got used to jumpscares (except the teleporting naked guys, they always will scare me). Send them to me and please no teleporting naked guys, I would appreciate that. Well you can consider me a reviewer now I guess. I usually review on most stories I play so send me them CS's and I'll play/review them.

What I hate about custom storys

Slaya091 Blog

Jump scares...Dear god do I hate them. I'm looking for a good map mainly about puzzles with no jump scares. Does anyone have a mod or custom story that is focused on puzzles and no jump scares? If so I would gladly appreciate it and would rate it a ten. Anyways, any map without jump scares is good to me and I'll be glad to try it out.

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