"if there was a edge to insanity i would of fell of it a long time of go...." Hello i am skycepter the king of crazy i hope you enjoy looking at my profile. if you want to visite me find the edge of insanity jump of and you'll find kingdom crazy where you can find me, the insane faimly, and the crazy faimly. i represent blue flame media a online forums and clan for gaming,movies, and all other types of media. are clan tag is BFW (blue flame warrior)

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now when reading this to check it over i felt like it was praticaly a review you would read and not watch so am going to edit it to make it more proper for recording but why not post it:

Hello random people of the internet, i am skycepter the king of crazy and welcome to my Free to Play game spotlight where i show you AWESOME! F2P games or show you horrible ones that you should stay away from. now am going to be rating this game on in 2 ways first the normal way you know game play and story and all that stuff and how is the free to play? now with out further ado lets get started. Cube Metal Heart is a intreasting FPS with its "intresting" game play. now for the story of this game there is none its sololy a FPS online exprease. now the game play is very fun adn i fully enjoy playing every moment of it but there are a lot of glitches and problems n this game! first it looks like it could be on the PS2.... wtf? in this day and age this just is no. its not like this is a old game ether it came out only about a month ago on desura. am not shore if it is the first realse but if so there are no exsuces. also there is no gun switching animation this pisses me off the earlest FPS had gun switching animation why not this one. it really bothers me when ever one minite a guy chasing me with a chain saw and the next nano secent am geting shot with a rocket. now also you can fly of the map when ever you get killed its actually reallly funny. now all that bad stuff aside lets get in to all the awesome stuff that makes this game fun. first it remends me of older FPS, you dont make a class for find weapons laying around you walk in to floating cubes to get weapons, AWESOME!!!! and listen to that rock music emmmm so god and fits the FPS hard core Monster vs monster type weirdness perfectly. second, the speed and control. you go FAST in this game. you walk fast, you look around fast you jump high and fast and you falll fast its very high speed and as a sonic fan i love speed. third, the music, this music is awesome beside for the main menu theme i love it all i just bloody love it. and as for its free to play statuse it is 100% you down load the game and thats it! no in game items to buy no memberships all Free 2 Play. so now its time to rate this game i rate F2P on 5 things and games in genral on 5 things gameplay = 1 star, graphics = 1 star, music = 1 star, orignality = 1 start, and finaly how much is it free2play will equal 1 star or price for a none Free to play game so what does this game get you may ask? the gameplay star, the music star, and the F2P star. so 3 star out of 5. the graphics bother me to much and i feel like i seen it before.

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Hello welcome to blue flame media mate. this is a steam group for the forums of blue flame media. we hope to at some point to have servers to list. but...

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