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Oh and I'll just add:

Can you blame us for moderating our game's front page? We've been extremely lenient compared to most devs already, and its just been biting us in the ***. I'm coming to understand with more and more clarity why official game forums are outright dictatorships. I believe we could have had a civil conversation, like many I've had, had you not immediately jumped to accusations and bitterness.

If you'd like to have a real conversation with us about our game, then feel free to drop by the forums once they're up (sometime after our next game update. should be before October).

And if our game really doesn't interest you, I urge you to move on and get your hands on some games you believe you'd enjoy. We're not ill intentioned, and definitely not misogynistic at any point in or around our game. All our characters are treated with respect (I can assure you we gave Yael back her shirt and bought her some yogurt after filming that scene).

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Okay, I was actually going to post a really bitter and angry rant to you here but allow me to correct myself, since that's not the kind of person I want to become.

First off, I'm sorry you don't like my game. It was not intended to be offensive to anyone, and we've gotten heaps of great feedback from people all over the gender and sexuality spectrums. That said we knew we'd get a lot of negativity, mostly from homophobes, partly from some like you who jumped the gun and judged away. And its hard beyond belief to stay positive and focus on the task at hand when you get hate and anger directed at you regularly (and we get a lot, even WITHIN the fetish communities).

Yes, it is a fetish themed game. That's how the game was made possible. We raised money and made it a possibility, which is more than most games manage nowadays. We set out to make this game, and we'll see it through to the end.

I didn't mean to lose my temper, but I've just been treading through so much ****, and keeping a straight face the whole time, and I'm just getting tired.

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