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sixcentgeorge Aug 2 2013, 10:50am replied:

thanks to the new "gold" system , that send ip of players to an unknow server ... that should be easy with some flaws in the engine : dlls ; to hack computers of children and even use their camera to watch them...HMMMMMM
nice update for sc summer ....

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sixcentgeorge Aug 2 2013, 10:39am replied:

i know and make known that sc forum headquarter members are fond of children carots ...
that is for asking about sniper 's being a gay that made be banned ... that should be kept secret.
may be with some fiestas in malaysia for the whole team .... a nice place full of parents trading their children for europeans gays pleasures

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sixcentgeorge Aug 2 2013, 10:09am replied:

do not worry about the carrots ....i love that moddb entered "the steal land"...
i wonder if it will survive is not sc forum , they should have not done the same as sc forum .
waiting for my mod to be done AND STEAL IT ....
i advertise a lot and i am here to get the link to the right page...
i am going to explain all that to pcgamer ...
i am sure they will like : the carrot of "theyhunger2 + sc 3.x"

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sixcentgeorge Jul 30 2013, 12:20pm replied:

you should register and then post so technical questions . you are hiding you badly....

what i am sure is that i reported a lot of bugs to moddb sc page , the "better being the script one" that occurs in the decay map [ it is in the 220 maps mapcycle the hl coop] the scientist reviving a police barney , he continue next to the houndeye ...this should have a end like all scripts...but none .
the decay team made some good dlls , because the scientist gets up and goes away from the houndeye when it appears ...THAT IS ALL THE ART of "well" Programming .
i saw the baby-garg blood bug in my 60 maps mapcycle with a model i added to sc_persia while no maps in sc47 is having baby-garg.
the garg eye not being always "on" and a lot of pictures i posted ,show sc bugs about opengl rendering with azure sheep maps...
so before programming "the engine" it is better to already be able to make some correct dlls .
i did not use sc4.8 dlls and no-one offered me some 4.7a dlls correcting bugs shown . that is the coop way of some : to keep All for them ...[8

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sixcentgeorge Jul 29 2013, 3:40pm buried:


there is a better release than hl2 by valve :
the game and two episodes for free
if your pc is strong test release 12 , if not then try previous.

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sixcentgeorge Jul 29 2013, 3:32pm replied:

my mod is very good compared to svencoop , it seems evident that some came and set 1 .
by the way , i do not care ...i made it for fun and to give fun with very cool models and maps . svencoop is more a band living in the past ,nobody works in that team , they are all "chicanos from Tijuana " : la Siesta is their main "job" and their answer is always "when its done" .
i am working on two others mods now , one is for l4d and is about 9/11/2001 , second should make hl2 coop if i find teammates .
by the way unlike all what some do and others believe about this mod , i made it cool and it made me a better modder : i got two now ...
may be valve waits for its svencoop mistake to be forgotten and sign something with me .
i find strange that 6 month after their sc 4.7 and one month after my release , sc made an update [without any news advertising their great great job] ..and two weeks later announced they will be published by valve...that said nothing officially yet ...
moddb having the special sc ticket about that news on the home page at top...
old people like their habits , my mod is too "new , young and different" from original . lets hope every one find its fun

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sixcentgeorge Jul 29 2013, 11:20am replied:

you spend so much time in bms forum or here , that i was thinking you were a head hunter ....
like tv : it pass in front of you and you see nothing , except like fish : the famous 5 second of memory..
may be you should change name of mods and team . to something like we all wait for our work to be done ;'] by else .
have a great summer and wish your forum to be up again soon

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sixcentgeorge Jul 29 2013, 11:14am buried:


sorry , i do not obey order that i do not agree...
i still wait some more news from you

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sixcentgeorge Jul 29 2013, 11:12am replied:

i do not know who you are ,but i start to have a BAD feeling about "who YOU think you are"

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sixcentgeorge Jul 28 2013, 10:19am buried:


Mr Sugar : did you had the idea to ask Mr TextFAMGUY1 to join your team ?
i did it for something else , but you should try , then he would help you to use some bms things in your maps and help you to finish the mods ["8
if all goes well between you and him

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sixcentgeorge Jul 28 2013, 9:26am replied:

that is a bit sad , but i think that comes more from the fact they are an old team , they did bms ..
while you arrive and in few month do all parts they did not...
the making of xen from you would kill them ;']
i did not played your maps , but you look very good at scripts and xen with hl1 is having a lot of them..
they should have hired you in the team .

if you would like to rework the fakefactory mod and add some black mesa parts to it [like old labs with still living monsters ], we could have some discussion about that ; you and me could interest fakefactory mod owner and make him help .i am sure you are one of the right dudes to make that alive and playable , reply at its forum : . just to tease you , i see the final ep2 fight like a fight with a militarized blue sport car [ like in l4d2 ] instead .
and may be we could put freeman in the rocket and start HL3 ... I HAVE THE STORY ALREADY READY ;']

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sixcentgeorge Jul 28 2013, 1:27am replied:

after 5 years of no-work AT ALL by these specialist$ of "when done" , a work of 2 weeks is not GOOD at all .
the try to integrate a lot of models from sc members is not a good idea...
on the other side : i never had the famous rmf to recompile maps or models , i was only having the sc 3.5 beta of that time that was having so much gun that no maps [not only from they hunger] were able to play in fact i used the so bugged sc3 because no devs was able to give me dlls with reduced models preloaded . that s why some had crashes with 3.5 they never understood...
i never released it in sc forum or show links to the topic.
but i did at steam forum... years later i saw the topic was deleted
WHAT CLEARS EVERY THING : is that you still not made it..
and that the carrot with they hunger 2 is true .

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sixcentgeorge Jul 25 2013, 2:53am replied:

the more funny is that they come to set 1 ...but let no comment ...i feel we have some very Courageous Personnels right here ...
they are simply not sure about the right foot to use for dancing..
like always with "militarized staff" they always obey and sing whatever chief is in command..or when a war is finished : every-body was in the resistance ... judge , police everybody continues its job like the day before ..
dead of laughing about what i wrote , that is so true <3 <3 <3

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sixcentgeorge Jul 23 2013, 4:11am replied:

we are playing : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
i do clint <3 : Blondie
gabe newell is Tuco
sniper of sc team is The Bad : Angel Eyes
like always in the usa : that runs for the money after the one whom has it in the pocket ;']

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sixcentgeorge Jul 23 2013, 3:15am replied:

yes it is a good idea ;']
try to use a dedicated pc and server , even on the same pc , a pentium duo-core with 4 Go is good for dedicated , more ram and a better cpu are needed if it has both sever and player .
the best way to set up a win dedicated server is to use your steam account or a free-one to install the dedicated server .
do not let it install under steam.exe folder , use a second drive : like a second partition or a usb stick [then do a copy back on the hd].
so it will work as a standalone without steam having to run .

dedicated server will not crash in the middle of the mapcycle that come with the mod because it loads less files . listen servers can handle half of these files
as players come from "nowhere" with having already used a part of the memory hl.exe can handle on other servers and maps , it is not predictable when they ll be fully using it and crash.
it is better for gameplay that server always stays running to come back and continue to fight with them ;']

may be think of using no-ip or dyndns tool if you do not have a static ip like most dsl ; and want friends to connect .
they will have to use +connect* after -preload to connect without knowing the ip , they ll be disconnected when ip will be changed once per day by provider .
so put off and on the modem in the morning so the ip change will not occur during the afternoon or night ;']

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sixcentgeorge Jul 23 2013, 2:47am replied:

i think you mean UZI ...
my mod is largely better than sc one , if valve prefers to publish **** like an old bugged mod full of bugged files that no one plays anymore . that is their choice , i do not care , despite i prefer children to play a lot of very maps with very good models .
i think valve did a mistake and took my mod for latest sc
valve wants to use sc mod to advert the console they will soon publish : the famous big-picture TAG .
GNewel is an old M$ salary-man that now has one billion ...
may be he should buy me too instead of only sc team ...?
may be one or more billions are not enough to buy me ...?
by the way like i wrote , i made this mode for people that likes to play sc maps and not "maps made by gold medals sc team members" . may be it will become very popular..time will tell

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sixcentgeorge Jul 23 2013, 2:26am replied:

go find someone else to ask questions and questions : that s boring

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sixcentgeorge Jul 22 2013, 3:36am replied:

ihave no idea where you "learn": that combine made the headcrab...
i think it is more like darwin said : evolution .
like alyx says in ep1 : zombine , about a monster that was not in hl2 : a headcrab made a combine to be a zombie that at end will become a fast zombie .
the hard thing is to "insert" them in top places where they will create surprises . imagination can not be copied...only invented ;']

-1 votes   member: sixcentgeorge
sixcentgeorge Jul 21 2013, 3:44am buried:


i am a cool guy that is not "easy to "enculer"" ... but it happened and i still want to burn my "fu..ers" balls for them to pay ;']
by the way like i wrote , i made they hunger coop and spent a lot of energy to help for it to be done .
the carot was that "THEY HUNGER LOST SOUL" was about to be published.... so a jointed operation was "cool" as it was shown to me...
the very bad thing is that theyhunger2 for hl2 is not yet out...
for they hunger coop , it is a very old project from the day sc 3 was out...more than 10 years... the game still plays very well from the day it was published. but it seems to be impossible for the sc team to create it coop despite they have the files to compile the maps...engine trouble...?
by the way , this news that should have been posted by s.vicky or s.vicking ? and it needs an official one from steam too to be validated.
we all know moddb is autralian too...
by the way once again : have a try and much fun with my reworked sc : dead of laughing ;"]
i dream i ll be soon in gabel$' $eat to give orders for next hl3 <3 <3 <3

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sixcentgeorge Jul 18 2013, 11:05am buried:


nice i am the only buried comments...
by the way despite all that can be said in here ....
let s hope moddb will make a benchmark of my mod : and this old "hijacked" by snipper mod having toons of broken files and unused models

just a question does sc4.8 has some mapcycle having 220 maps in a row without crashing...?
valve did the mistake to believe we are friends sc team and me... some of sc forum are my friends , by most of the few having medals [mostly americans ] are no friendly at all ...
valve should check old forum backup of it steam . i made a topic about they hunger i made coop that was stolen and me banned....
sven viking , the hijacked that should not even have a pant left in sc... shouls know that i am ready to discuss BUT SOME HEADS HAVE TO BE : guillotined AND FEW OTHERS BANNED according to what some did and wrote at that time .

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sixcentgeorge Jul 17 2013, 12:41pm buried:


this is a killing news .. its a killing by laughing .
by the way , too many people of the sc community needs it to earn money , by now directly licking from valve"$ brain , hmmmm.

reality shows a dead mod : game monitor
Servers 57
Players 39 / 807 (4.83%)
Average 0.68 / 14.16

game is too buggy and models are too old and bad , sc team is made only of very old forum members , some of them being very big LIARS & THIEFS [like all americans or their friends from australia...countries with NO-NATIVES left ALIVE...never happened with french] <3
by the way sc made a big mistake and valve a bigger one . only some russians have already pushed away hl engine :
sc did nothing on that , its "own" engine being full of bug mostly with sc3 and after ..

by now past can not be changed , sc team , should ask for hl3 engine instead and valve should publish source of hl like id did .

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sixcentgeorge Jul 13 2013, 1:52pm says:

have you ever played my mod :
i will update it when opposing force linux will be released [and no still in beta]

+3 votes   member: max-damage
sixcentgeorge Jul 13 2013, 9:29am says:

your work seems nice , you should make a copy in hls mod of moddb .
for "suck" and bms team should show where they are in xen ending so they could get help and canalize all work and energy needed to end bms mod

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sixcentgeorge Jul 13 2013, 3:48am says:

sorry to be long to reply
HLSW is a famous server manager , i used a screenshot to show the change in serverlist of valve . so there is no longer server using svencoop-official and others playing my mod in the serverbrowser .

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sixcentgeorge Jul 13 2013, 3:38am replied:

netthread is the option that makes hl.exe or hlds.exe have a thread for network operations [check in taskmanager.exe to see number of threads , option add 1]
so results are better with nowadays cpu that have numerous cpu-cores for hl rendering and network that are not inter-depending .

use cmdlist or cvarlist to see options and others settings .
with hl or hlds in console , drag and drop dlls in notepad to find some hidden options like netthread

preload to have all files of map loaded before playing . most of the time , i saw 500-700 Mo max of memory used with hl.exe

tos is a new option explained in linux , looks like Qos in windows os or routers .

interp is an option for "interpolation" , with hlds it seems not "useful" because it calculates frames exactly . with hl.exe the only change i saw was the "firing" of guns .
the option makes hl.exe "firing" longer and continue even when you are no longer pressing mouse left-click

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sixcentgeorge Jun 14 2013, 2:40pm replied:

you need to get the three files and the patch . use the links of windows A-S folder some comments down . files are at the new mega upload you can select all files with mouse and download them without any adverts or countdowns or captcha....
it prefers chrome and at end of first downloaded file , browser will ask for space , a text with an arrow will show up to say yes . then future downloads will be be superfast .
i had 400 ko/s with first file the 1 Mo/s with others with the two folders .

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sixcentgeorge Jun 14 2013, 3:56am says:

Yesterday WAS a GREAT one : first vote giving one point...
i wonder why he did not post its opinion ? and how much he rated svencoop...or if he is from them ?
Post Comment

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sixcentgeorge Jun 11 2013, 2:03pm replied:

you can try others mods maps but check the fgd files to see if they are compatible and what changes have to done to get maps "understood" by engine and playable .

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sixcentgeorge Jun 11 2013, 1:54pm replied:

mod is having a lot of reworked and optimized maps .
you can play all svencoop maps , beware that some recent one like polar-rescue are having too much entities so they should crash a lot .

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sixcentgeorge Jun 9 2013, 4:39am replied:

i own a server that is online from the day of release .
as a player connected to steam , the lan tab shows game as svencoop 4.7.... the internet tab shows no server even some svencoops .
you should be able to connect directly to one of the three servers by using command connect :

for maps
for horror
for mods like hl opforce...
i am connected to it and will stay some hours even if i do move ;']

tell me if that works or if you see severs on the internet .
i am currently testing the linux-live release i will publish next week . it has all files in ram , pc has 4 Go and is a i5 .
tommorow i ll use a pentium 2 duo-core with 4 Go and same numbers of servers to see if that plays cool too

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