I make gmod and pivot videos. As of now I am making a mod called "The Abandoned." The Abandoned is a first person shooter Half-Life 2 based game that will consist of action, gore, horror, and much more. Concept Story, You are a citizen from City 14, named Gregory, that was transfered to City 17 just about when the rebelion had started. You become a rebel, and fight alongside Gordan Freeman right until he enters the Citidal. Once he has left, you walk home in hope of rest, when suddenly, just as you begin to approach your apartment, the top of the Citidal explodes... You wake up to find yourself on the ground, next to your apartment, that is now colapsed. You panic, then, faint. You wake up in a rebel base on the coast. That is where the story begins... You will have to fight your way through Combine, Antlions, Zombies, and even some new enemies yet to be seen, to make your way to White Forest. I will need beta testers, 1 more mapper, and some voice actors.

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The first few maps of "The Abandoned" are being created as of now.
Descriptions of the maps are listed below;

Map 1 -
A destroyed Citidal based map, like the one from HL2 - Ep. 1,that will only be used for a cutscene after the Citidal explodes.

Map 2 -
A rebel base camp map, multiple rooms with various people and things in them. A locker room, bathroom, lab, garage, ect.

Map 3 -
The exiting of the garage in a rebel jeep. A road entering into a tunnel that continues onto the next map.

More updates coming soon...

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