Uh Hello. Just a little bit of information about myself. I am currently studying Film and Animation at Natcoll New Zealand Christchurch campus. Programs: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Pixologic ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects (Also Mocha), Autodesk Mudbox, Unity, Unreal 3. Fluent in C#.

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Nov 28th, 2012

I really don't post here now. I sort of just log in and check mods and indies I am interested in. Speaking of indie games, I am working on one hopefully to be revealed in the coming month or two. I have started a tumblr of where I will be posting things. Links below.



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0 comments by AaronLewis on Jul 26th, 2012

So been doing my course all year round and have not posted a Moddb Blog post in quite some time. So here goes. Studying Animation and Film this year. Super busy working on lots of models though have not really posted anything to the internet lately. Did a cleanup on my Moddb Image page of older models as I only like to show the good stuff I have done lately. 

Will be posting a few things up soon so people, swing by my page every once and awhile.

Also, working on a new project in regards to my brothers new webcomic Paliax. Think Darksiders. Enjoy:

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Aug 22nd, 2011

Well school is nearing to an end as all of our school terms are fucked up due to the Rugby World cup so it is crackdown time and I need to do more study and less 3D work. But I need to get my folio finished up for when I go apply at Natcol in Christchurch which requires me to do more 3D stuff and less school stuff.

I recently modeled a Dragunov SVD and Re rendered some old models that I had done. The renders are pretty sweet in my opinion. You can check them out in my images.

I think that is about it for now

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Apr 12th, 2011

New PC in a month, New Tablet in 2 Months. Concept Art and Design skill development will be starting in the coming months. Organic model skill development will being as well. I will be following the procedure of Concept - Model - Texture - Render on Humans, Creatures and Weapons. This will build my folio for further 3D education.

Programmed a FPS Game in Unity with everything people have come to expect of FPS games these days. Stopped development on the scripts due to Free Version of Unity.

Also developed a Top Down Shooter Zombie Game for IPhone / Android. Will release once refined.

Schools pretty lame at the moment, I own up everything 

Peace out,
Aaron Lewis.

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Dec 9th, 2010

Over today and tomorow countries are are going through the 10th of December. So it is my birthday and also DOOM's. So DOOM and I turn 17 today. Lets go play some DOOM.... I hate odd numbers.

Lately I have been getting a lot of modeling requests from people, I am very grateful that I am getting asked, Currently the game I was working on is going nowhere so I would like to see what happens over the next week with that. I have had another offer for a Unity project which I might take due to using Unity previously.

Aaron Lewis

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Nov 11th, 2010

School is over just have 4 exams in then next two weeks, then I am done for the year.
If anyone needs any help with a few models or anything feel free to shoot me a PM, its a bit boring doing nothing at home atm. (Study Leave for exams pretty much means no leaving house, get caught by police out of house your classed as truant thus study leave is removed and you have to go to school to study.)

Aaron Lewis

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Apr 20th, 2010

Well School is back as stated and is really boring, Id rather stay home and work on my modeling skills, Though design is fun, I could pull of some pretty cool logo work IMO Now using illustrator.
Joined into Original Studios which is developing Elementary School Warfare, Really cool experience and my prop work is going to get far better in the proccess.
I finished up the basics of a gun my brother designed recently and you can see the pictures of it and its description in my images.

Aaron Lewis

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0 comments by AaronLewis on Apr 1st, 2010

Schools workload just picked up, Glad its the holidays.
Been doing Lots of Modeling recently, also more work in Illustrator and 3D Coat.
Did a Chair Today, I think it looks nice, I plan on doing a glass statue or something next. Then a vase with plants inside. As for next gun on my list, Ill do a Stery as I tried one awhile back and failed, but with me getting better at modeling I think I can pull it off now.


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