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Shadowuzi Apr 26 2015, 10:09pm says:

Good you are staying true to modding community. When too many people consider making "paid" mods I think we will lose the community meant in modding. Plus considering you can get more money from donations probably then from what Steam is offering.

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Shadowuzi Apr 25 2015, 1:06pm replied:


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Shadowuzi Apr 24 2015, 2:47pm says:

Well spoken good sir and I hope other modders follow in this approach and avoid steam workshop due to this crap policy

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Shadowuzi Apr 23 2015, 4:10pm says:

Hmm glad to see your alive but what is that?

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Shadowuzi Apr 18 2015, 2:04am says:

Me a huge fan boy of the Star Wars Battle fronts games 1-2. Played it on my PS2 at an early age for probably more than 3-4 years and thinking of getting Battlefront 2 on steam to do so again. However now that EA has reached their rotten hands on this Battlefront I am not going to touch it. Frankly EA is a money greedy company and everyone (I hope) knows it and ruins a lot of games and pours out a lot of crap and doesn't even allow modders to touch their engine or stuff to improve upon it. Frankly there have only been a good few games that they have ever made probably but now its mostly crap with overpriced DLCs and they are most likely are going to do the same thing to this. You buy the game and all DLCs will be priced more than they are worth.

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Shadowuzi Apr 14 2015, 10:51pm replied:

Mods are free but using models/textures and what not from some companies gets them pissy and they whine and throw the copyright crap at anyone who uses their stuff without their permission even if the modders do give credit and aren't making a profit off the "stolen" work. Usually Moddb is forced to delete a mod page off if a company complains their stuff is being used on a mod without permission and the guys don't stop using it.

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Shadowuzi Apr 6 2015, 7:48pm says:

Dear god the feels. I used to with my friend screw around with the marines in Halo 3 and we always designated some random guy named chuck(Don't ask why we named him chuck we just did) and tried to always keep "chuck" alive while doing completely stupid crap in coop campaign. Usually ending with the entire marine team or "chuck" killed and we would restart at a checkpoint if "chuck" got killed if I saw this every time a marine got killed in halo 3 I PROBABLY would not started shooting them in the head for ***** and giggles at times in certain parts of the game or ram the warthogs with them in em into Scarabs..... or crash hornets into em....Yaaaaa I feel like a complete *** now....

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Shadowuzi Apr 1 2015, 4:31pm replied:

OP Ranged firepower and then they learn to actually melee? OH DEAR EMPEROR SAVE US ALL.

+1 vote   media: Skitarii vs Tau
Shadowuzi Mar 26 2015, 3:58am says:

I highly doubt that butter knife is going to do much against that overgrown mutated space cockroach/locust with razor sharp blades but hey could be worse.

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Shadowuzi Mar 20 2015, 1:11pm says:

Has a WW2 Allied beach landing feel to it

+5 votes   media: mar20th
Shadowuzi Mar 20 2015, 1:09pm replied:

Well cept for Farsight but generally don't see a Tau warrior in melee either because the enemy is dead before they get to them or they are dead cause the enemy is right in front of them.

+2 votes   media: Bested at Melee?
Shadowuzi Mar 16 2015, 9:58am says:

Probably better than what the average laser pointer can do anyway.

+8 votes   media: mar16th
Shadowuzi Mar 12 2015, 9:20am replied:

Well if she wasn't she be near damn perfect. There always a drawback to everyone pretty much.

+3 votes   media: Geniuss...
Shadowuzi Mar 9 2015, 3:14am says:

Now who could it be I wonder.

+1 vote   media: Wer da zog iz da spy, can ya oomies find da git!?
Shadowuzi Mar 7 2015, 1:40am says:

Oh god the sheer beauty of it. Has the definite feel the Maccan give off with their culture of the new gods and old gods religion. Feels like a church where instead of praying to gods, people beat the crap out of each other for god, money, and/or women

+3 votes   media: Maccan Arena Scene
Shadowuzi Mar 6 2015, 7:27pm says:

Pretty sure if it was drivable, I would abuse the heck out of it by making it crash into the enemy considering how huge that thing is lol

+4 votes   media: CIS Landing Barge (No drivable)
Shadowuzi Mar 6 2015, 5:23pm says:

I feel like the turret and barrel are bigger than the rest of the body 0_0

+3 votes   media: Russia Electromagnetic Tank
Shadowuzi Feb 15 2015, 2:45am replied:

Quite true. Frankly now these days people have to be more careful when committing money to something on Early access on Steam since what you said above. I've made a few bets myself on a few early access games on Steam and so far I'm lucky that all of them bets have are quite good games still and the developers are still working on them. The developers who cut and run when releasing a crappy project just only get a bad rating and profit from their unfinished product and are free to pull off the same thing again. Lawsuits are just messy these days so developers who pull this crap tactic don't have to fear much unless karma is real and decides to be a bitch to them.

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Shadowuzi Jan 28 2015, 9:36pm replied:

The empire has more advanced space tech than the Imperium. Literally the Empire could probably just swoop in knock out the defenses from long range and barely be even scratched. Now if space marines boarded one of their ships that's a different story but as said above the empire would probably blast said boarding pods before they got close. In a ground war the imperium has the edge of man spamming due to guardsmen and the durability of space marines but literally the empire would probably have a large air superiority advantage and could just carpet bomb everything or even use orbital bombardment if needed...

+1 vote   media: Fleet comparisons.
Shadowuzi Jan 28 2015, 8:28pm replied:

Frankly the only reason the Storm troopers in those movies missed most of the time and were defeated by ewoks was the almighty power of plot however would still say the imperium still has an edge in ground combat over the empire cause literally their storm trooper armor I believe is more made to stop plasma damage and not projectiles the size of someone's head but if anything the empire and the imperium would most likely be focusing more on destroying the powers of chaos than each other probably cause if they were going against each other most of the time the chaos gods would just jump in and then its "Oh FUUU-" for everyone.

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Shadowuzi Jan 25 2015, 3:45pm replied:

If your a guardsmen in the imperium the chances of running away and getting away successfully are quite damn slim anyway because for guardsmen its always some big damn xeno or chaos fanatic infront of you to maim, nom, slash, or [Insert typical W40k death here] you and then there is the commissar behind you that will shoot you for either thinking of running away or looking at him funny.

+4 votes   media: NIDS!
Shadowuzi Jan 24 2015, 3:07pm says:

Sure know how to make a helluva trailer

+1 vote   media: Hyrule: Total War - Epic Trailer 3
Shadowuzi Jan 20 2015, 6:41pm replied:

If its splinter cell blacklist then it comes on all consoles(Not sure about the new PS4 or Xbox one) and the computer(Hell even the Wii U)

+1 vote   media: Splinter Cell girl
Shadowuzi Dec 24 2014, 4:57pm replied:

The word idles should be idols. Also I would be more busy giving exterminatus to those guys as my Xmas gift.

+2 votes   media: My Background. Merry X-mas!
Shadowuzi Dec 22 2014, 8:00pm says:

Why is double action boogaloo on there twice? I hear its a great mod but I don't think its quite fair to other mods to put it on there twice specially when there are other great mods out there

+7 votes   feature: Mod of the Year 2014 - Editors Choice
Shadowuzi Dec 10 2014, 1:00pm replied:

Dark Eldar, Orks, Tyranids, Necrons the list goes on...

+12 votes   media: My little heresy)
Shadowuzi Dec 8 2014, 4:17pm says:

A1 or B2

+1 vote   media: EU Rifleman concept art
Shadowuzi Dec 8 2014, 4:15pm replied:

Agreed. It would seem like the tank would just bend forward and aim at the ground most of the time.

+4 votes   media: Hades AKA PZH 3000
Shadowuzi Dec 6 2014, 9:44pm replied:

If you read the description it says the legs are meant to go on terrain where a tank normally can't so it is more all terrain just to say like going over uneven terrain that could stop or get tracked vehicle stuck. Also further on it says the legs can be used to fortify itself in terrain and with that tank turret equipped with a rail gun you can probably imagine it as spider sniper tank.

+4 votes   media: Odin-EU epic unit
Shadowuzi Dec 2 2014, 1:32am says:

Question, whatever you were on while making this can you give me some? Lol

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