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Shadowuzi Aug 29 2015 says:

So at least we know when you send a super powered Ninja against an army from Brytenwalda.

+2 votes   media: Warring States is ALIVE!!!!
Shadowuzi Aug 28 2015 says:

Now to recreate my TW:FoTS moments where I sent shitloads of samurai against guys with rifles Mount&Blade; style

+3 votes   media: Nihonei Units
Shadowuzi Aug 28 2015 says:

Nice to see what direction you decided to move in for the game. I wish ye luck

+11 votes   news: Moving to UE4
Shadowuzi Aug 27 2015 says:

PRAISE THE MOD-GODS! Good to hear that there was a backup for your work and good to see you making this again. You should now probably make like a trillion backups now and scatter them across the Earth just in case you suffer an accident again lol.

+3 votes   news: Bellum Imperii Suprise! (...?)
Shadowuzi Aug 9 2015 says:

Crashed star destroyer?

+6 votes   media: What is it ?
Shadowuzi Jul 10 2015 replied:

Cept that's a tail....So reverse tail rape?

+7 votes   media: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Shadowuzi Jul 9 2015 says:

Welp time to use that shovel and put it to good use. By that I mean BASH THE **** OUTTA DAT!

+1 vote   media: ...
Shadowuzi Jun 27 2015 replied:

Well they pretty much the CIA of space to put it simply and they come with the whole package of scheming, plotting, and keeping a bunch of dirty secrets to boot.

+4 votes   media: ONI
Shadowuzi Jun 21 2015 says:

Where be those evil little furry buggers(Ewoks)?

+3 votes   media: Endor Battle WIP
Shadowuzi Jun 16 2015 says:

Hate to rain on da chiefs parade but the overly augmented super space marines win this round. Not to mention ya kill one and their are plenty more to replace him.

+1 vote   media: Space marine VS Spartan, place your bets!
Shadowuzi Jun 3 2015 says:

What a wonderful world it is...before the exterminatus shows up...

+1 vote   media: BloodLine version 0.99 Trailer №2
Shadowuzi May 19 2015 replied:

Probably that or "Hiding from the native Acztaoc Swarm so as not to get REKT"

+4 votes   media: New Acztaoc equipment
Shadowuzi May 17 2015 says:

*Opens door to mansion*
*Sees zombies*
*Shuts mansions door*
NOPE NOPE NOPE! I'm outta here. GG!

But seriously those zombies look good and that they give the feeling they will tear your f'ing face off.

+4 votes   media: No more fun - Real Zombies !
Shadowuzi May 16 2015 says:

Is this a unique NPC in the game or unit to have in our armies? If a unit in our armies will they be special troops to the realm of the falcon or mercenaries? Can see a massive Giant Shock troop force storming a castle which would be awesome.

+4 votes   media: A Giant in the Realm of the Falcon
Shadowuzi May 12 2015 says:

Tears are coming from my eyes from the sheer beauty and thought of this thing rampaging the battlefield and annihilating everything in its path *Sniff*.

+2 votes   media: Finished Basilisk War Droid
Shadowuzi May 10 2015 says:

Just goes to show how much quality is in this mod.

+4 votes   media: PC Gamer Mention (May 2015)
Shadowuzi Apr 26 2015 says:

Good you are staying true to modding community. When too many people consider making "paid" mods I think we will lose the community meant in modding. Plus considering you can get more money from donations probably then from what Steam is offering.

+5 votes   news: Paid "I am the King!" and on Steam?
Shadowuzi Apr 25 2015 replied:


+1 vote   media: rover
Shadowuzi Apr 24 2015 says:

Well spoken good sir and I hope other modders follow in this approach and avoid steam workshop due to this crap policy

+5 votes   news: Why Red Wars WON'T be on Steam Workshop [UPDATED]
Shadowuzi Apr 23 2015 says:

Hmm glad to see your alive but what is that?

+2 votes   media: framplow
Shadowuzi Apr 18 2015 says:

Me a huge fan boy of the Star Wars Battle fronts games 1-2. Played it on my PS2 at an early age for probably more than 3-4 years and thinking of getting Battlefront 2 on steam to do so again. However now that EA has reached their rotten hands on this Battlefront I am not going to touch it. Frankly EA is a money greedy company and everyone (I hope) knows it and ruins a lot of games and pours out a lot of crap and doesn't even allow modders to touch their engine or stuff to improve upon it. Frankly there have only been a good few games that they have ever made probably but now its mostly crap with overpriced DLCs and they are most likely are going to do the same thing to this. You buy the game and all DLCs will be priced more than they are worth.

+4 votes   news: Everything you need to know about STW:BF
Shadowuzi Apr 14 2015 replied:

Mods are free but using models/textures and what not from some companies gets them pissy and they whine and throw the copyright crap at anyone who uses their stuff without their permission even if the modders do give credit and aren't making a profit off the "stolen" work. Usually Moddb is forced to delete a mod page off if a company complains their stuff is being used on a mod without permission and the guys don't stop using it.

+1 vote   mod: Red Rising Modification
Shadowuzi Apr 6 2015 says:

Dear god the feels. I used to with my friend screw around with the marines in Halo 3 and we always designated some random guy named chuck(Don't ask why we named him chuck we just did) and tried to always keep "chuck" alive while doing completely stupid crap in coop campaign. Usually ending with the entire marine team or "chuck" killed and we would restart at a checkpoint if "chuck" got killed if I saw this every time a marine got killed in halo 3 I PROBABLY would not started shooting them in the head for ***** and giggles at times in certain parts of the game or ram the warthogs with them in em into Scarabs..... or crash hornets into em....Yaaaaa I feel like a complete *** now....

+2 votes   media: Halo anime.
Shadowuzi Apr 1 2015 replied:

OP Ranged firepower and then they learn to actually melee? OH DEAR EMPEROR SAVE US ALL.

+1 vote   media: Skitarii vs Tau
Shadowuzi Mar 26 2015 says:

I highly doubt that butter knife is going to do much against that overgrown mutated space cockroach/locust with razor sharp blades but hey could be worse.

0 votes   media: Mar26th
Shadowuzi Mar 20 2015 says:

Has a WW2 Allied beach landing feel to it

+5 votes   media: mar20th
Shadowuzi Mar 20 2015 replied:

Well cept for Farsight but generally don't see a Tau warrior in melee either because the enemy is dead before they get to them or they are dead cause the enemy is right in front of them.

+2 votes   media: Bested at Melee?
Shadowuzi Mar 16 2015 says:

Probably better than what the average laser pointer can do anyway.

+8 votes   media: mar16th
Shadowuzi Mar 12 2015 replied:

Well if she wasn't she be near damn perfect. There always a drawback to everyone pretty much.

+2 votes   media: Geniuss...
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