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Shadowuzi 2hours 8mins ago replied:

Might work with touching the bits. Might not work for probable ensuing beat down on poor guardsman.

+1 vote     media: Spiky Bitz
Shadowuzi Sep 6 2014, 2:53pm says:

For some reason, it feels like 40k version of cops. Ork biker gangs and Space Marine police brutality.

+1 vote     media: Sep6th
Shadowuzi Sep 6 2014, 1:54am says:

Its a good mod with some real good ideas put into it however a little story here when playing the game is when I set sailed for the new world and landed where the Aztoac empire was, since I couldn't actually be friendly with em I decided to conquer em(Like any foreign imperialist legion guy should do)Now initially battled a lord there with 150ish troops while I had 70 or so but the 70 had really heavy Calvary and crapload of crossbowmen so it was somewhat understandable when I steamrolled the army to death(even though I set the difficulty to the AI to good and friends normal dmg while me half) I then proceeded to besiege a town with 256 troops or so. I had only lost 2 guys in the previous encounter so I when I saw 256 troops in the capital I was like hey probably not a good idea but lets see what these guys are made of. Apparently the answer to my previous question was paper and my guys were scissors literally cutting down large masses of troops even though they were surrounded most of the time. literally I lost only 10 guys with 6 wounded and the entire 256 troops stationed there were about outright massacred. So basically I am saying amp the Aztoac empire just a wee tiny bit. I know they are supposed to be technologically back by several year compared to the empires and have those crap weapons but seriously even the Spanish had some troubles conquering the new world

+1 vote     mod: Nova Aetas
Shadowuzi Sep 1 2014, 10:14am says:

Now to conquer Perisno all over again but with more fun and this time MORE VIOLENCE!

+2 votes     download: Perisno 0.7
Shadowuzi Aug 26 2014, 11:06pm replied:

Screw the death star. I'm activating the halo rings.

+9 votes     media: "One Single Flood Spore..."
Shadowuzi Aug 21 2014, 1:33pm replied:

@RancidRandy using content made by others without permission is sometimes yes stealing however though I believe a company should allow their content to be used freely in mods or such since 1. the one modding is non-profiting and is not claiming credit but instead given credits to its original owner and 2. those who have at least not played fallout 3 or NV will become interested in maybe buying the games if haven't already if they play it through another game in a mod because I know I became interested in the games that inspired some creations of some mods and bought them to try them out. Also as MeestorJeebz said there are already many mods for different game that use Fallout game ideas and models however they in no way really profit from them besides publicity for both the modder and the owner of the content. So far calling it "stealing" is somewhat a negative standpoint to look at it from since the modder does have take the time to make the mod and do the models and stuff and only profits from publicity which doesn't pay the taxes and the owner of the content gets credits and maybe a few curious customers. So far Dubon hasn't done anything wrong cept not give pics yet of BoS

+1 vote     media: "And to the dust we shall return."
Shadowuzi Aug 14 2014, 10:40am says:

It looks quite good however what was up with that tank driver and jeep drivers lol? One plowed right onto the flag and the other was stuck on a tank trap.

+1 vote     media: WIP First Person Animations
Shadowuzi Jul 29 2014, 9:51pm says:

It is 1 thing to post this brony filth on a warhammer 40k page. Another to start deleting everyone's comments like a small child that refuses to hear what other people say by covering his ears.

Shadowuzi Jul 28 2014, 1:15pm says:

Exterminatus the ENTIRE SECTOR! Then do it again for good measure.

Shadowuzi Jul 28 2014, 4:44am replied:

That and the bolter can most likely do more damage to an average human then that thing. Then again the average human or person will probably sustain a lot of injuries just trying to shoot a bolter without any help.

+6 votes     media: The Real Life Bolter (XM-25)
Shadowuzi Jul 12 2014, 2:13am says:

Its a weird idea however points for being different than most of the Star wars:FoC mods out there due to it not being from a stars war era or hard sci-fi theme show/game. Wish you luck on your endeavors with this mod and hopefully you show some images of good progress to it.

+1 vote     mod: Eggman At War
Shadowuzi Jul 11 2014, 6:11pm says:

Zeis feels hurt. It would somewhat be more cruel if the kid's mom was actually killed in a fight with space marines or IG

+4 votes     media: feels
Shadowuzi Jul 5 2014, 9:23pm says:

Just to say people if you don't want your game to crash too much. Always have 2 saves, one for the turn your on and 1 for the turn before and never ever load the autosave. Could be me but everytime I load auto it crashes probably since I have one of my settlements excavating ruins.

+2 votes     download: Hyrule: Total War 3.6 - Part 1
Shadowuzi Jul 4 2014, 5:48am says:

Question? Will the game crash less in free form campaign with this new version? Or is it going to be the same pain in the arse where you have to nearly save after each move you make in the game? Also nice to see a new download.

+4 votes     download: Hyrule: Total War 3.6 - Part 2
Shadowuzi Jun 18 2014, 12:23am says:

The emperor's finest destroying any race in any timeline and any dimension possible to go to kill more xeno scum

+2 votes     media: H-h-heresy???
Shadowuzi Jun 12 2014, 8:56am says:

I think an exterminatus would of been more appropriate for purging furries but bolters are fine too.

+3 votes     media: YES! YES!
Shadowuzi Jun 12 2014, 8:52am says:

Yay now to reconquer Japan under my banner once again!

+7 votes     download: Gekokujo 3.0 Full RAR file
Shadowuzi Jun 10 2014, 1:14am says:

Get a link and I will sign

+1 vote     article: Dow-I Steam may 2014 uptade and mod compatibility
Shadowuzi May 29 2014, 1:50pm says:

Daemon on Nid Violence... wheres the damn popcorn?

+5 votes     media: Daily Art
Shadowuzi May 29 2014, 1:49pm says:

Boom madafakas just boom

+1 vote     media: Qolaraloq Attack!
Shadowuzi May 13 2014, 4:01pm says:

The word F*CKED comes to mind when seeing that....we are going to need one big *** weapon to turn these squids into calamari. And Garrus to calibrate it.

+5 votes     media: The Reaper_Armada
Shadowuzi May 13 2014, 3:58pm replied:

It is a spelling mistake but doesn't make sense when you say "since the I is next to the O" when the O is where the E is supposed to be. If he spelled it moner, then that would make more sense if what you said was true

+2 votes     media: Dwarven Miner
Shadowuzi May 5 2014, 11:34pm says: use of time indeed.

+2 votes     media: Tutorial...kinda
Shadowuzi Apr 29 2014, 9:10pm says:

Found a bug where leopold's leopard company mercs have their hats not on their heads but floating in front of them some 5 ft away....

+1 vote     mod: Warsword Conquest
Shadowuzi Apr 26 2014, 11:13pm says:

Its gotta REALLY hurt where that sword is going through.

+2 votes     media: clones
Shadowuzi Apr 24 2014, 4:56pm says:

Dude... Eldar. RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. SHOOT HER!I know those little eye slits of yours probably don't give you a wide field of vision BUT SHES RIGHT DERE!

+5 votes     media: Stuff
Shadowuzi Apr 12 2014, 8:08pm replied:

Yaa....cept that carries the risk of then both teaming up trying to murder the person who dumped the bucket on them....

0 votes     media: cat fight
Shadowuzi Apr 12 2014, 6:39pm replied:

I would but I think the commissar behind our backs will most likely shoot me for treason by being lazy and watching the show.

+5 votes     media: cat fight
Shadowuzi Apr 12 2014, 10:05am says:

Buy this stuff for your children, Loyal Imperial Citizen! If you don't, the local commissar squad shall execute you for Heresy and Treason(Also possibly for being a Genostealer/Xeno)! For the EMPURAH!

+3 votes     media: more Lego 40k
Shadowuzi Apr 6 2014, 3:55pm says:

.....Are those zombies? No srsly WTH are they? And why are they in this mod?

+2 votes     media: more
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