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Shadow4000 Sep 30 2010, 8:45am says:

Awesome work, Outcasts!!! :)

I have too a few suggestions for future improving:

1) NPC animations, facial expressions.

2) Optional First person camera? At least for narrow places like inside houses, etc. For large outside enviroments the third person is perfect.

3) Adjustable FOV in the menu configuration options. Like resolutions or v-sync. I think tha a FOV slider with values between 70 and 100 should be a standar on today games.

4) More detailed textures on distanced objects/lands.

5) This is a bit hard,I know, It's posible to implement OpenAL sound?

6) More news from this project soon!!!! ;)

Good luck, and congratulations for the awesome work.

Edit I've found the cutter voice awesome, maybe too young, but awesome anyway.

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Shadow4000 Sep 30 2010, 8:06am says:

Well I'm disagree a lot with the changue of engine. I think your reasons are very clear (console focus).

I'm sorry but I've seen enough games on PC limitated because of the old hardware and the crappy interface of consoles. And goodbye Linux.

Untracking. Good luck anyway.

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Shadow4000 Sep 15 2010, 2:39pm says:

Hey!!! No news since January...

Is the project stopped?

+1 vote   news: First screenshot from "Lemnos Isle"!
Shadow4000 Sep 8 2010, 6:29pm says:

I sent you an email for the spanish translation task. Is vacant this position?

+1 vote   news: Story infos, Hi-Res artworks, looking for translators
Shadow4000 Sep 8 2010, 5:51pm says:

Arx Fatalis was a fantastic game :) Keep this mod (err.. G.A.M.E.) alive!

I can help you only spreading info of the game, sorry.

A suggestion: Why not to change to the UDK? This would help to attract more attention.

Good luck and dont let the mod die. Arx Fatalis deserve a prequel like this!

+1 vote   news: Arx -End of Sun: Help Needed
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