Just started playing games on the computer. I'm getting more and more into it. I'm not sure if my rig will play half of these games so only a select few will be getting played. I'm looking forward to it.

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The Dead Linger

ScottMc91 Blog

Hello once again,

I'm here to give you guys a little spot on a fantastic game called 'The Dead Linger'.

'The Dead Linger' is a zombie-survival game made by a company called Sandswept Studios. This brilliant company is small employing about fifteen odd personnel, but my god that dosen't mean they let it show. The Dead Linger is a very ambitious and brillant game idea: the ultimate in first person zombie survival along with proceduraly generated worlds. This would allow for seed after seed of planet-sized maps. Imagine it. Your dropped into this world. No equipment but the clothes on your back and the pack on your shoulders and you have the world to explore and survive in. There are options for multiplayer as well as offline gaming also so none of your internet-only MMORPG rubbish here.

The game is currently in Alpha at the moment so it's obviously still rough around the edges but with the past couple of updates it is clear that these guys are dedicated to making this the best zombie game ever.

Plus with planned features such as infection, sickness, free-form barricading, realistic combat, PvP and item and weapon crafting this may very well be the greatest zombie survival game out there.

Time will tell.


ARMA 2: DayZ

ScottMc91 Blog

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd tell you about the recently released zombie survival horror mod to ARMA 2 and that is 'DayZ'.

Wow. That's all I'll say. I don't even have ARMA 2 and I love this mod, it's incredible. In a massive open-ended world you have to survive for as long as you can, tensions rise when confronting other survivors in whether they can be trusted or not. Let's not forget the zombies, these guys are terrifying. This isn't one of your 'normal' zombie first-person shooters where pulling the trigger and moving backwards keeps you alive, no...not at all. One zombie is enough to kill you and pretty much all of them sprint in zig-zags.

Seeing as this is a mod designed for the most realistic military shooter out there, DayZ can get pretty hard. Let's not forget the permadeath. Oh yeah. If one missed zombie takes one too many swipes at you or some asshole with a rifle shoots you from the treeline, your character is dead and not coming back. You'll have to start again, with all your looted weapons and equipment taken off you.

For hardcore zombie/survival fans this game is amazing, although I'm a bit annoyed you need both ARMA 2 and it's expansion ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead, in order to play the mod. Then again this mod alone is making me consider buying a whole new laptop. And I will because this is worth it.

Thanks for reading.


Potential Programming

ScottMc91 Blog

Hello there once again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I'll get to the point: me and my friend are in the process of talking over game developing.
He's in university right now studying it and I'm getting a handle on the programming language right now.
We both have a lot to offer the industry, him with his technical know how and myself with creative writing and such.

We are just talking ideas right now, no code has been written yet or anything, but watch this space.

Thanks again.

Scott ''Kaizo'' McKay.

Survival. I like it.

ScottMc91 Blog

Ah yes. Survival. It's a thing that's been kicking about for quite some time for our species. I'll assume that since your reading this and are ,well generally alive, that you too enjoy surviving the trappings of everyday life. What about extraordinary circumstances? Like a plane crash in the mountains? Or getting lost in the woods just outside the city? The question I always ask myself is: am I ready? And I'll be honest with you folks I don't think I am. If I happened in that situation or god-forbid a zombie apocalypse should crop up, then I'd be toast. Sure, I'd last a few months but I lack the know how to actually make a difference.

What about you guys and gals? Are you capable of stealing, or killing or other indecent things to make through to the next day? It's a tough one. One that I hope none of you or myself have to ask ourselves for the rest of our lives. Just remember peeps, keep the tinned stuff for last.

Happy hunting.

Project Zomboid

ScottMc91 Blog

Hello there. This is my first blog on Desura and I intend to make a point with it. If you like zombie related material, be that films, books,games. Especially games, then Project Zomboid is right up your alley. It gives you the opportunity to play out a real zombie survival scenario. Unlike the current run-and-gun flash and browser games kicking about these days, Project Zomboid puts you in the position of being trapped in a city with millions of zombies. There's no escape. There's no rescue. Just you and your wits. The aim is to survive for as long as you can, scavenging food, tools, weapons and the like. There are also other survivors desperatley trying not be eaten by the shuffling hordes. Not all of them are friendly. Do you take a risk? Or just hide in your boarded up house? In this game the choices you make could have dire consequences if they don't pan out.

Now for the down sides. This game is still in it's Pre-Alpha stage and isn't finished but the developers at The Indie Stone are working tirelessly on getting more updates, more mods and a finished game out as soon as they can. They are doing a brilliant job. I have bought the game and I have been downloading and adding the mods put up by community in the forums. I'll be honest with you, I'm absoulutley loving it. They have the Pre-Alpha out for download and you can purchase the game here for a bargain price of £4.99. For a sandbox survival horror like this, I say its a steal :)

For more information check out their website at Projectzomboid.com

Thanks for reading and if you don't like zombies, then just ignore everything I just said :P

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