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Well, today more or less marks the half way point of the year, not that I'm counting. I'm in mid-year holidays, so there is much gaming on the horizon. I think I'll play Half-Life 2 again because they brought out all these new achievements, this will also be a good time to play Flight Simulator X (finally). More G Mod, Portal, SupCom2, SWBF2, SoaSE and EaW, among other games are also on the cards. With and without mods, of course. Oh, and I recently bought a Logitech G110 gaming keyboard...I tried it for a while, didn't like it, I just found that the G110 keys were a little too tacky and that they were too high. I went back to my trusty Microsoft Sidewinder X6; detachable numpad FTW!

Stargate Universe
season 1 is over, I must say that it got better over time. My favourite episode is still "Time", you just can't beat a classic time travel-parallel universe story. "Pain" is a close second. It was quite a let-down when Matt, Chloe and Eli just show up on Destiny, with little explanation after getting stranded in another galaxy, it seems like the writers just hit the "reset" button. I foresee that the Lucian Alliance will get their collective asses kicked in the near future, but I hate these cliffhanger endings. Also, Rob Cooper is leaving Stargate, it's hard to underestimate his work in shaping the Stargate franchise as we know it today. Best wishes on his future endeavours.

The absence of Stargate Universe for 6 months leaves a large gaping hole where the sci-fi used to be. I might hold a Stargate marathon of sorts, hmm, 3 movies and 15 seasons of Stargate will take a while to watch... and yes, I'm still working on my star fleet, although not so much nowadays. But rest assured, the Lancer Mark II will be finished sooner or later, I mean I've already made 86 modifications, so it would be crazy to abandon it now.

Going to be overhauling some servers at work too, it should be fun. Speaking of work, next semester's university timetable looks pretty good, only 2-3 days a week (to be confirmed), I've just got to make sure I use the extra time at home wisely...

That's it for this blog. The wait for exam results can't be too healthy. Talk later.


Get the F-18F for FSX!

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Sweet, RAAF F/A-18F. Thanks for the link.

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Tested it. FSX didn't like it, wouldn't render properly. Too bad.

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