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Back to the Basics

2 years ago by KevinHorvath 0 comments

Well, I've decided to start playing Slender The Eight Pages again... -_- will he ever give me a break? Nighttime mode is just a bitch, ended up getting 5 pages and then turned around by the slut, then I forgot I had beaten the game before, so I started playing daytime mode. I had been playing 0.9.4 because it is my favorite version of the game, so let me tell you this: the game has many glitches because it was older. The first 3 times I was captured in the bathroom and only 1 was fair. The only fair one is because i turned right into him around the corner. The other two times he had jumped into the wall and got me. Now, I knew he was there the first time, but the second he was in a corner near the door of one of the rooms. I am going to pull up 0.9.5 because 0.9.4 is being a bitch to me.

The same old Cliché

2 years ago by KevinHorvath 0 comments

Why are indie horror games getting so shitty??

Because it is the same old clché!

Average Indie Horror Game:

Collect all the pages and try not to get captured by the enemy (Slenderman, etc.)


Make up something of your own!!!

Don't just use slenderman or another monster from another game, LEARN TO MODEL OR FIND SOMEONE WHO IS GOOD AT MODELING!

MAKE NEW OBJECTIVES! Pages are overused and so annoying anymore. If you can't think of anything, WATCH A MOVIE! Movies are loaded with tons of ideas! (examples include: Saw, The Collection, The Mist, Cloverfield, or the world that Dalton is in after going in the "coma" in Insidious!)

When you make the monster - ADD ANIMATIONS! Teleporting enemies are a sign of laziness! MAKE THEM WALK, RUN, ETC. Hell, if you want, you can make them do the moonwalk or dance, IT DOESN'T MATTER JUST STOP USING TELEPORTATION AS THE METHOD OF TRAVEL! IT GETS SO ANNOYING AND UNFAIR!

Now go and make a jaw dropping game!

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