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XoXo RiSanTi Vhat you dont know cant hurt you... ...if onli that ver trueXD.

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Is ther no truth to beuty? I dont think so. I prefer to think therez no beuty to the truth. After all if ther vere, hov often wuld anyone vant to deny it? Me frst?

Wel to f**k wit it. Some kuestons shuld be leved un-ansered.

Not so wit the XXXXXX - XXXXX - XXXX - XXX - XX - X. She is difrent. She alvayz vas so. She embrased the truth of her real self az fuly az she denyed the beuty of her ilusory self. I alvayz envied her for that. Or at lest I thougt I did? No mater... sometymez it is hard to distinguish the ilusion from realiti. Or one's (mis)perseptionz from one's dreamz. Or nigtmares...


I am difrent from her in al-most evry vay. Starting wit the real-self/ilusory-self thing. It alvays vorked out for me, for the best. So wy then shuld I envy her? I dont knov. (Mis)perseption? Or is it somthing more?


A notion vorth contempleting. Evn if I nevr asosiated jealusy wit envy. But thats me. XXXXXX - XXXXX - XXXX - XXX - XX - X is difrent from me. And at the same tyme, she iz not. More lyke a miror-image, a reversed one, of me. Yin-Yang. Black-Wyte. I look at her, and I see... a konflikt.

Shater that miror, and I culd shater that image. Shater her. Eraze her. Eliminete the kontradikton at the sorce. Resolve the konflikt. Hov VERI tempting it is... But vhere wuld thet leve me?

And vher wuld thet leve her? Alone? Unbroken in her ovn realiti?

Or both of us lost in infynite nigt?

Wel lyke I said... some kuestionz shuld be left un-ansered. And az difrent az XXXXXX - XXXXX - XXXX - XXX - XX - X iz from me, I get the feling she wuld agree wit me there.

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