I guess I'll tell a little about myself. My name is John. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Saint Louis sucks. There's not much to do. If you ever want to visit, here's the things to do: Cardinals baseball (awesome), one of the 2 or 3 major free zoos in the country and it's really good, Rams bad football (ughh), the Arch (which sucks), annnnddd, that's all. I'm 19 and next year will be heading to college =D . I'm going to go to a local university, and most likely getting an art degree, but I'm still on the fence, but luckily I still have time to decide. I love video games, my first system was Playstation. I currently have an Xbox, my gamertag is RustyHunter in case anyone wants to add me. My first RTS for the computer was Red Alert 2, which was amazing in my opinion. I like sports, games, art, my cat, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, sleeping until 12, and much more.

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Ok, so here is where I will list references to Star Wars that appear in things like TV shows, movie, music, etc.

This is going to start off of a very short list, but I forget a lot of them so as time goes on I'll remember them or see new ones.

1. In 30 Rock, Scientists introduce a new microwave to Alec Baldwin. The model number is TK-421. TK 421 is the call sign for a storm trooper in A New Hope, the one that is standing guard for the Falcon and Han or Luke steals his armor and says his transmitter's broken. The thing though is that 30 Rock they say, "TK four-tweny-one," and in ANH, they say "TK four-two-one." Whatever. Same thing. Star Wars.

2. This also comes from 30 Rock. Alec Baldwin says that he needs the help of his nemisis business partner and far far away the man sits up in his bed and says, "I feel a presence that I have not felt since..." and trails off and he goes off screen. Darth Vader in ANH feeling Kenobi's presence on the Death Star.

3. I have a lot in the music I listen to, which include Lando Calrision (sp?), Darth Vader, "Luke Sky with the blast shield down," and many more, but I do not want to bore you with them.

4. There are two that I remember that I saw in the move Paul with Seth Rogen as the alien that is now in theaters. To be polite to those who still want to see it, all I will say is that one involves a bar and the other involves a gun.

5. Nicki Minaj - Where the fuck is Ackbar?

Like I said short, but more will come. And feel free to say any others and I'll add them and we'll all have a supah list!

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~Avenger~ May 19 2011 says:

sup galactic marine, join us... Moddb.com

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hammerheadcruiser Jun 13 2011 replied:

yes join

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CommanderCody212 Mar 29 2011 says:

The Empire wants you!
Join! Moddb.com
This is different then the other.

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Arcones Mar 26 2011 says:

Thanks for adding me!

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TheGalacticMarine Creator
TheGalacticMarine Mar 26 2011 replied:

Thanks for adding ME. =)

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Arcones Mar 27 2011 replied:

My pleasure vod :D

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mrl515 Mar 25 2011 says:

Welcome to MODDB! Yet another RAW fan I see--can't wait for it to come out.

Anyway...welcome aboard ;)

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