i am american and i just got this acount to get cool games. aperantly it worked. i enjoy all typs of games wether its scary of happy or gory there is no reason i wouldnt get it if its free.

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im bored

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ive contributed some game names out there is there anyone who wants to comment and give me a game and a link? ( im doing mostly because im bored) but heres another game its scary at 1 or 2 parts but other than that its prettty strait forward. there isnt really any of a storyline so be warned you may not get it. (i know i didnt) its a browser game im sorry for crushing your hopes and dream but in order to play the game you still have to download the unity player.. (P.S. ive downloaded every game i mention on here i will never give you guys a bugged game.) YAAAAAAAAAAAY. (dont trust u torrent.)


another free game

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there is a game BE WARNED ITS FREAKiNG SCARY, i'll just put up a link
now if you have any sort of condition be cautious and dont play it. and if you do dont wear head phones. and turn your sound down. try not to be scared by the sound of your own foot steps, (because i was). if i tell you more about the game it would spoil it. heres a funny reaction or walkthrough he doesnt get through the whole game though. I HAD NO PART IN THE MAKING OF THE GAME OR THIS VIDEO. he has very explisit (dont know if i spelled that right.) humor. you probly should know him. PEWDIEPIE!!!

Another fun free game

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now dont go looking on here and i got to impatient so i gave up. Yume Nikki is a good game i like. it is kinda a horror game but you try to explore and find effects and put them in the door room. (dont worry that was not a spoiler) it has a lot of effects and it was made in RPG maker or somthing llike that. some parts are scary while the rest is just creepy or weird. it is hard to tell the difference between fried and enemy. but friends just shuffle back and forth. enemys chase you. it was made by an asian man who kept a dream journal i think. hens (lol hens) the name Yume Nikki, its japanese and it tranlates to dream diary. if you want more info about the game WARNING SPOILERS, and i had no part in compiling this information on this site.
heres a download link.

best free game ive got from here FREE

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he best free game ive got from here (mostly because i dont like a chlenge) is flare it takes no thought what so ever. you run out and imidiatly start killing every thing. if you like games that are fun and free and DO take thught you want the lure of the temptress. i do not buy games. i do not pirate games either. but some f these games i can go to armor games or addicting games and play them as a browser game. so if you like a game that cost money on here search it up first.

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