My name is Robin. I live in Sweden, currently studying Master of Science in Game and Software Engineering. I'm very dedicated to programming as well as composing music. You can find my music by searching for "robinerd" on spotify/youtube/iTunes ;)

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Since I last updated here I have managed a number of smaller game projects, and a great website project as well. I'll just quickly list them briefly, and you can follow the links for more info and the actual game.

Loose Lips Sink Ships
The game takes place during the second world war where you control a Swedish submarine spying on the Russian radio communications. Intercept radio signals and transfer them back to the Swedish cruiser, but watch out for the coastguards or their heavy torpedoes will put an end to your mission.

Master of Music
In this lovely combination of chiptunes and wave physics, you have to make your way to the odd harmonies and use your noise wave to repel them into the deep void. Doing so will acquire the melodies and put them together at the top of your screen. Finish all levels to finish the song.

Dear Sister
This musical journey takes you through a heartbreaking story about a brother and sister.
Sometimes when people die they decide to not cross over. She is calling for you, with beautiful melodies.
Guided by the heavenly harmonies, you have to find her spirit and help her to find rest.

Converter Central
I have been a lot working recently together with my friend Alexander on this website for converting between many different units. It started out by merely unit conversion with basic ratios, for speed, velocity, weights, power and so on. After putting it live we kept on growing it with more features; radioactivity, light/luminance and many others. We have now added more complex features as well such as clothing sizes and numbers (binary, base64 etc.)

The site was originally built on MeteorJS, which was a really useful experience since we had to overcome many obstacles when putting it in production regarding for example search engine optimization and Google AdSense, which are not trivial with the dynamic javascript loading in Meteor.

Recently we came to the conclusion that although we got it mostly working with Meteor, we did not really utilize the benefits of Meteor since the site only has static content. Would there come more problems with Meteor? Probably. We are confident that the problems could be solved, but since there were no benefits really, we decided to port it all to a basic PHP structure. That is now done! From now on we will be able to add new content very fast due to the new awesome code architecture.

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RT @CarryCastle: Who else is doing ludumdare!? :D #ldjam39 #LDJAM #gamedev #2d

Jul 29 2017

RT @CarryCastle: Added level creation input controls and new explosion particles! :D #explosion #gamedev #Blocks #UGC

Jul 7 2017

I liked a @YouTube video Modern Classical Music: Piano Sonata by Robin Lindh Nilsson

Jul 6 2017

RT @CarryCastle: Totally as intended

Jul 3 2017

RT @CarryCastle: Ctop knocking down castles in our game!!! Its hilarious! :D via @YouTube #youtube #vr #letsplay

Jun 30 2017

RT @CarryCastle: Added islands to our editor and a handle for the stuff dispenser! Also found a bug.. #gamedev #Creative

Jun 28 2017

RT @CarryCastle: We got news for you! New Trailer! New Editor! New color themes! #VR #Oculus #steamvr #HTCvive

Jun 26 2017

RT @CarryCastle: We're making an in-game level editor!! :D #VR #gamedev #gamephysics #sandbox

Jun 22 2017

RT @CarryCastle: Showing off our new editor, that we will release next week! #editors #Modding #VR #gamedev #madewithunity

Jun 22 2017

RT @CarryCastle: STOP!! (best enjoyed with sound on) #EverythingMustFall #VR #gamedev #hammertime

Jun 9 2017

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