I Is from New Zealand, Aka Sheep Land, and I do some amateur mapping for the Source Engine. Who knows, some mod team might want me to help out?

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So you're bored. You want to download a mod to keep entertained and get some more life out of your copy of Half-Life 2. Except 80% of all the mods listed and released are shit. You want something different, not just another "Gordon Freeman goes to the market and shoots a whole lot of bad guys in singleplayer" and you dont want "HL2DM but with less fun" .

So what might catch your eye to see a particularly good mod? The subtitle. "Hahaha. People are still commenting on this mod hahahaha. LLJK WOO KILL ZOMBIES DO IT NOW. Jesus you don't need an explanation for this mod holy..." This does not make me want your mod. Neither does; "THIS MOD IS CURRENTLY IN-ACTIVE AS ITS JOINED THE TEMPORAL COLD WAR MOD. This is a Half Life 2 map set in the Star Trek universe, based on the first Warp..." or, "WARNING THIS MOD IS ONLY IN FRENCH !! Attention ce mod est seulement en francais Kill to Kill 2 est un mod hl2 solo ou l'on incarne barney et ou..."....

Maybe if more people put creative effort into a coherent scenario, we wouldn't have these problems. I mean, sure you got your Killeverythinginsight mods which are fairly fun, but something like Minerva really takes it to a new level. Now not everyone has Adam Fosters skill and insight into modding, but a little effort wont hurt.

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