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Fallout 3 muzzle flashes

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ive decided that sunday shall be my random sunday, where I will work on anything related to the mod, I mean anything, so if I post something random, such as ideas for an installer or something, you now know why :P

Ages ago I decided that the muzzle flashes in Fallout 3 failed. I dont care if they are suppose to be realistic, I want big white flaring from the barrel of the gun while my bullets scream into the enemy. So I found the current files for muzzle flashes and loaded it into photoshop, from there I created my own version of what I thought was a better looking muzzle flash...

The original muzzle flashes:
User Posted Image

My test muzzle flashes:
User Posted Image

which looks better?

A quick backup of the original and I was ready to go. I knew my new muzzle flashes would have some problems, since I didnt bother with the alpha but I created a nice little video...

well that doesnt look too good. lets give it a quick alpha and see what happens...cue video...

Looks better, but I still dont like the 1st person view, its just a funky blob. Lets mess with the .nif and see if we can change anything
User Posted Image

Looks confusing huh? each box has a texture applied to it, so if we change the boxes then, theoretically the texture will appear bigger, lets double the size of the squares facing us

well the squares facing us are also connected to the long rectangles that are seen in 3rd person...oh joy

So whats next? I guess we either somehow fix the 1st person flames, or build a new .nif, I vote for the new .nif


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This needs 300 characters!
which is alot! how about now?
nope, still not enough

lets try now :D

oh my, we do need lots of characters dont we? I kinda wish i didnt make this now... oh well, it won let me delete it so Itll just have to have random words...

have you looks at my images? id do that yes i would do it I would! :D

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