Hey there everybody, Rennard Fuchs here :D First of all thank you for visiting my profile. As you can see I'm only a self-claimed composer (mostly remaker), and it all started with Overgrowth. As you all know Overgrowth is a kickass game, but when I found out that they needed some volunteers for their music, I tried it out by recording my guitar. It was a success, so I started making music as a hobby. I've done some remixes before my Overgrowth experience, but with time I've gathered experience, so they are getting better and better. Right now I'm working on the music for the StarFox Retro project based on Source. It's a great pleasure to work with this fantastic team. BTW I just want to let you know that I'm COMPLETELY unprofessional when it comes to music. I've learned to play the guitar on my own when I was about 12, and started playing the piano about 5 years ago, and managed somehow to Sight-read notes - OK, very slow :D Hope you enjoy my profile and thanx for feedback :D

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Title explains all...
This mod isn't in any ways endorsed, funded, licensed, authorized, or related to/by Nintendo. All characters and elements of the StarFox franchise belong to Nintendo. No assets from Nintendo games have been used, all content is fan made. This mod is not made for profit, or to profit from Nintendo's properties, or to interfere with Nintendo's business.
It is a work of fan fiction, in which Nintendo's characters are put in situations/described or represented in a way, not necessarily intended by the author / owners.
It is made simply to share products of fan imagination, for the educative experimentation of game development, and to pay homage to this Nintendo franchise.

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