Love all things Sci-fi and fantasy, the Sins of the Prophets, Dawn of the Reapers and Dawn of victory mods for Sins of a Solar Empire are what I'm really waiting for and joined this excellent and brilliant modding community. Currently learning skinning and texturing and I have experience in the field of codding I have several concept art images that I'm thinking of making into my own mod once I have aquired enough skill.

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As you can tell, I'm a massive Mass Effect fan. I love everything about it and I didn't even mind the ending for ME3. I'll be posting more pics and vids that I find including others from different Sci-Fi games and movies such as Halo. This blog is so everyone and anyone can leave their thoughts and feelings about Mass Effect and their favourite moments and down right dissapointing times in the game. Everyone can pool ideas and add info so we can have a talking community that might also bring ideas and people to help with the current Sins of a Solar Empire mod for ME. So please, leave a comment and come by once in a while for discussion.

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