Hey I'm Quoten. Just call me Quote. I love anime, manga, and I'm a game geek. I like to play games by Nintendo and Square Enix. We can play a game together some time. Don't be afraid to message me!

"The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go."

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So I was just setting up my profile. Adding pictures and stuff like that. Joined a group, nothing big. Then I stumbled upon this blog option. I'm not a blogger so I'll update this... I don't know... whenever I feel like it. I doubt anyone's going to read this anyway. So I haven't really "used" Desura before. I only made account when I got an extra Desura key for a Steam game (I use Steam all the time. I use Raptr sometimes too). What brought me back here was a key from Magiko for this game, Platformance: Castle Pain. I haven't tried it yet but Magiko's games are always good. When I accepted the gift, I saw this game to the right called Zombie Grinder. Thumbs up to Twin Drills, this game is insanley fun and addicting. I need to get a group of friends to play this. I spent like 3 hours killing zombies.

So right now I'm just looking around at the games. Desura has a lot to offer. It's kind of funny that some Desura games are in Steam Greenlight. I guess its easier to get games on Desura, which is better in my opinion. I'm going to look around this place some more.

If you actually made it here, you might of read this whole thing. Thanks!

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