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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

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+++Before anyone gives **** for the score (I know you will) this is a judgement of the 2.10 release which is focused on the Ostheer+++

So after sometime I came and replayed this mod (I stopped around 1.2ish) with a desire to see how the Ostheer was. I left, disappointed?

Certainly some level of disappointment as about, I felt much of the same playing as the Ostheer but this could be due to what seems like bugged AI as the two standard (USSR) bots only built engineers and only tried to capture a terriory once. Though I am willing to chalk this down as nothing (I am much too familiar with crappy AI (see Blitzkrieg Dingo spam AI)), but even then the Ostheer seems a bit too standard.

When I first played this mod it had a completely new faction, one never seen before in CoH and this is why I played it until I finally stopped. The Ostheer do not invoke the same joy as when I first played as the Soviets when I first got this mod. There are only a few really new additions to the mix and the units which were added are not that amazing. The Pz.II Luch is basically an armoured Puma and the Kugelblitz is a duel barrel Ostwind.

Overall, I really don't feel like this mod hasn't advanced as much as it should. For all the new hype, most of it seems to be only the same things and that disappoints me. 4/10


Coh Realistic modification

Mod review - 2 disagree

A truely masterful piece of art, whoever made this team needs to be hired by Relic and made lead developer of CoH 2. They brilliantly captured the essense of WWII accuracy.

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