QuadraTron Games is a small independent game development collective from the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Founded by Zenas Bellace, Keith Maggio, and Christian Plummer, we started off as a small group of game developers who met at the Global Game Jam back in 2011. We continued to meet regularly over weekends in a similar game jam style, the results of which were often very education and quite entertaining. We also make a point of working together at the Global Game Jam, the Philly Game Jam, and sometimes even get together remotely for events such as Ludum Dare.

While we don’t often meet for our own game jam weekend much these days, we all still continue to work closely with each other and bounce our ideas off each other. More recently, QuadraTron has been Zenas Bellace, who bangs out the code, and Travis Carter, who works his pixel magic. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, we released our first game, Monsters!, early in 2013.

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A couple of weeks ago I began working on a game that I'm calling Arecibo, a fast paced puzzle game, inspired by the Arecibo Message, and based on the theme of "options" for the Philly Dev Night 12 hour game jam. The game is pretty simple, collect colored boxes for the most amount of points before the timer runs out. You can play the latest build of the game online or download the stand alone application here on IndieDB or from the Arecibo Mini Site at QuadraTron. Let me know what you think of the game. Enjoy!

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thanks dude I just received the game

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QuadraTronGames Creator

No thank you! :D Enjoy!

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