Howdy guys. Name's Kirby. I do TF2 and voice work and am an amature skinner.

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What Is all wrong with my game.

Number one;
The texture files.
The lights and such aren't loading properly, I.E, it's always bright all the time. Not that this is a bad thing, but it does effect gameplay because it slows down everything.

Number two;
Flashlight errors.
When the flashlight is on, all zombie textures become illuminated in a different colour combination (i.e, white skin, yellow clothing (all one color, too, no mixed.) green skin, blue clothing, etc.)

Number three;
Excessive zombies create lag spikes.
Dunno if this is a problem on many computers, but it's really annoying on mine, considering windows 7 is supposed to be all that and a barrel of pancakes.

Number four;
um, i'm terrified of witches D:

I suppose that's all, other than the obvious...

Well, shit.

Sorry that I have to let everyone down here, especially Vader, Matt, and Skeybar, but it seems my computer is just too slow to run L4D2 properly.
So, even though I do have left 4 dead 2, it has similar problems to my Alien Swarm (ask vader, he knows.) So I'm just gonna have to eh, not play that. At least until the problems with the video get sorted out.

purplekirby54 Author

Oh, by the by, it is playable. But you know.

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