Howdy guys. Name's Kirby. I do TF2 and voice work and am an amature skinner.

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[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: ...
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54 grumbles, looks back at the previous amount of conversation.
S҉yd҉er: you fail at adding
S҉yd҉er: no wonder you have bad marks
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: i don't have a math class.
S҉yd҉er: being groounded won't help that
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: :/
S҉yd҉er: ...
S҉yd҉er: can you not have math.
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: i already took all my math i needed and got really good grades. The problem is that you're being rather cryptic, my friend.
S҉yd҉er: i bet you have 3 times more religion then
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: no, just two free periods.
S҉yd҉er: aSdtIGFsd2F5cyBjcnlwdGlj
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: did i just somehow confuse you?[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: america does things ass-backwardsly, i know.
S҉yd҉er: bm8=
S҉yd҉er: YW5kIHllcw==
S҉yd҉er: aSBtZWFuLCBub3QgZXZlbiB1c2luZyBtZXRyaWMgc3lzdGVtIG92ZXIgdGhlcmU=
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: ... i take it you're mad?
S҉yd҉er: because every imperial unit translates so well
S҉yd҉er: i'm being cryptic
S҉yd҉er: YXMgeW91IHNhaWQ=
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: and then a lot of random keybanging.
S҉yd҉er: aXQncyBub3QgcmFuZG9tIGtleWJhbmdpbmcgYXQgYWxs
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: :1

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