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For one, I have a in great part different computer now. So very worth noting it's way more powerful.
Yay for cpu-ram-mobo upgrades. Now my once powerful graphics card is considerably below everything else's level xP

As this blog entry is mostly to replace the ye olde previous one, and I'm in a hurry due to rl stuffs, I'm not exactly flowing with ideas, so I'll just drop some suggestions and stuff on overall improvements you can do with your system.

For one, the reason always I prefer local media over streamed video: SVP (Smooth Video Project).
An awesome, easy to use software that... what does it do? Well, to put it on simple terms:
When you play videogames, you want your framerate as high as possible, ideally as high as your monitor can display. But videos generally are fixed to 24 frames per second. On videgame standards that'd be very bad, but we're used to watch movies like that. I'm used to watch movies at 60 frames per second, because that's what SVP does 8-)
Beware though, this program is quite intensive on your hardware, I do not advise you try running it on laptops or older/budget desktops. Ideally you'll want a quad core cpu (pretty much any multicore-happy cpu will do, a powerful 2 (or 3) core cpu, a graphics card that's not very old helps too.)
I'll attach pics of the configuration setups that work the best for me later (edit)... eventually?

On another cool thingy: If you have surround speakers you will know that feel of "what a waste" of only having sound from two of your speakers. Well, there's an actually working, actually not messing your audio up, and actually not shareware plugin that fits exactly the needs of us 5.1 speakers users for Foobar2000! By the simple name of Channel Mixer. Surprisingly easy to configure as well.

What else... Well, if you do not know about CCleaner... you should.
Pretty much the same about Defraggler. You'd be surprised about how much of a placebo the Windows Defragmenter is.

Awesome system diagnosis? HWiNFO. There are WAY more sensors and thermometers in your computer than you think.

Used-RAM-o-Meter? MemInfo.

Best of all? Everything I linked there is glorious freeware. Enjoy.



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