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Rocket-Banana 3hours 23mins ago says:

So, it took me literally 1 quick web search to confirm the blatantly obvious, "Christians for Michele Bachmann" is essentially a satire of Christian propaganda.

("serious", non humor-related rant of sorts ahead. You don't have any obligation to read it.)
Seriously people. This is why we can't have nice things. I'm Christian. Admittedly not an exemplar one though. Still, do you see me preaching "madness", rejecting people for what they do, bashing them for what they think or forcing my beliefs on anyone? Anyone that knows me even a little bit will know the answer is "no".
Regardless of what society says, Christianity is a choice to be made, it cannot be forced. How I'm so sure? Say you get a free, one of a kind electronic device. And everyone tells you it works X way. But the user manual says it does not, and it only works Y way. Which would you trust?
Kind of the same with Christianity. A good chunk of the absurd anti-Christianity claims you see out there are made by people who didn't ever read further than a few out of context bits of the Bible, if that much.
And again, as a final note: Don't like this rant? I did tell you didn't have any obligation to read it. If you got this far it was up to you.

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Rocket-Banana 15hours 52mins ago says:

The contact name only makes it better.

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Rocket-Banana 17hours 49mins ago replied:

I'm... just gonna leave this here~♪

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Rocket-Banana 18hours 1min ago says:

Well this is interesting. Can't help feeling somewhat guilty submitting my answer on this contest since I've already pre-ordered Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, but I could still put this price to good use by trading it, bypassing the absurd taxes I get on online purchases, if just for a little bit.

Regarding my answer to the question (This ended up being sort of an open letter to Sakura Matou and Karl-Jocke):
It depends on how you want to manage the group and how much you're willing to change. For a start, it's awesome as it is. Steam game giveaways open to pretty much anyone willing to put some time and thought in a well put answer.
If I'm allowed to get picky however, I've noticed the questions frequently weren't as simple and easy to read as they could've been. Some proofreading and maybe a "fresh view" from an additional person could help on eliminating any chance of misinterpretation from the reader. Which then again, I know it's bad manners to complain about free stuff, and the announcements themselves are gorgeous, very well presented, the wording on the questions is the *only* thing I'd improve.

About this group's management, it could use some advertising. It can be done in non-intrusive ways, too. For example, adding a link to this group on your forum signature, maybe also on your ModDB profile. The words "Giveaways" and "Free" are powerful click magnets, and you would be using them legitimately.

Another thing that could be nice (though it depends on how you want to manage this group), would be organizing a wider event variety while still involving the community, such as organizing multiplayer matches.

Opening a "parallel" Steam group could also help lots, and would open much more possibilities on what kind of events can be organized.

I got carried on and I'm getting close to the character limit so I'll stop here. Anyhow, very nice (and generous!) group you got going on, I very much like what you're doing. Keep it up :)

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Rocket-Banana Aug 27 2014, 2:21pm says:
+1 for Banana-ing
Welcome to the Curved Yellow Fruit Nation my friend.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 27 2014, 11:05am says:

As someone who really likes everything that is 40k Imperial tech, excuse me while I nerdgasm for a while.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 26 2014, 12:43pm replied:

Also known as The Necron Croissant.

...sorry, couldn't resist. I know that joke's old and all

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Rocket-Banana Aug 26 2014, 12:40pm says:

So... basically a repack of already available mods anyone can combine with a .module?
I'm sorry to tell you, but you've wasted your time and upload bandwidth doing this.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 25 2014, 8:02am replied:

You're considering the possibility of an actual her in 4chan? The likelihood of such a thing happening is astronomically low. That is one of 4chan's "features", so to say.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 22 2014, 3:21pm says:

I find hilarious how people actually came up with a term such as "Rape Culture". Did they even stop to think about what they're saying?

I made that very mistake just now however, I didn't stop to think about how few people bothers to seriously think at all, making my previous statement kinda silly.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 22 2014, 3:08pm says:

No mention of the absurd amount of Photoshop involved in a stock photo?

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Rocket-Banana Aug 22 2014, 2:50pm says:

Few times I've been THIS glad I'm not arachnophobic.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 21 2014, 7:37pm replied:

What do you mean? The mod is completely malware free, deactivating antivirus protection is not by any means necessary to install UA.

You may encounter some slowdowns with the UA installer if your antivirus thoroughly scans every .exe you "see". That kind of antivirus often also lock access to the .exe files until done scanning, which can result on some mildly annoying waits for large .exe installers.

Otherwise I cannot think of any significant issues with UA and antivirus software.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 20 2014, 7:34am replied:

It's kinda ironic you of all people say that, considering you started this Warlord discussion.
Anyhow, an official reply on the subject was already given (Necronguy is part of the UA team), so considering the official word is "The Warlord won't be in the mod for the foreseeable future", can we PLEASE move on?

Thank you.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 19 2014, 9:06pm replied:

Guaranteed signal strength, your neighbors can't freeload on it, reliable, and never presents technical issues. Ethernet forever!

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Rocket-Banana Aug 16 2014, 6:46pm says:

Laser Chainsaber. It just got real.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 16 2014, 6:44pm says:

Are the white-ish orbs plasma bolts? If so, they're way too rapid firing to be plasma, at least if we're keeping it lore friendly to plasma weaponry's well known habit of overheating.

That aside: How many Baneblades I have to offer to the Mechanicum to get this on my regiment again? It's AWESOME.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 16 2014, 10:57am says:

Thank you everyone involved in the Bugfix mod for their awesome contribution to the community.
I'm sure going through the game paying attention for bugs/inconsistencies (and fixing them!) is more work than you guys are credited for, so (again) thank you.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 12 2014, 12:13pm says:

Gah this section was left unattended for a while. Here goes another mass reply!
Link to the Tyranid mod because it'll be required ALOT:

@ Trillo: Do you have the Tyranid mod installed? (link above)

@ Guest on Jul 8 2014: As of UA 1.73, the expansions are built in in Core UA, that's why there's only one UA in Game Manager. Also, in order to fix them proper; Campaign, IDH and Daemons were temporarily taken out. IDH and Daemons will be reintegrated on version 1.74, and Campaign on version 1.75.
As of 1.73.4, you only need UA and the Tyranid mod installed (link at the top of this comment)

@ Guest on Jul 22 2014: Do you have the Tyranid mod installed? (link at the top of this comment)

@ Guest on Jul 27 2014: *totally didn't launch the mod to check since rarely if ever plays nids* Click the Hero UI button you start with, that is the Hive Mind. It should have a "Produce Squads" option, in that menu you'll find the unit cap upgrades.

@ Guest on Jul 28 2014: As with many apps published by indie developers, UA doesn't have a digital signature. This is no reason to worry, digital signatures are normally a privilege reserved for big software corporations.

@ Eliminatus: The Tyranid mod must be installed on your Soulstorm main directory. So the folder structure should look like this: \Dawn of War Soulstorm\Tyranids

@ Guest on Aug 6 2014: Yes, you should be able to run the mod on integrated graphics. DoW is heavy mostly on the CPU. And then again, even with dedicated graphics I disable many of the fancy stuff like 3d shadows to have better framerate xP

@ Dreadnought1, InvertedReflex, and Guest on Aug 7 2014: That was a compatibility issue between UA and Soulstorm Build 418. Fortunately Relic was kind enough to release a patch fixing this soon after.

@ kylestyle147: Do you have the Tyranid mod installed? (link at the top of this comment)

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Rocket-Banana Aug 11 2014, 7:15am replied:

Uhh, in active development? Read the August news, man.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 11 2014, 7:07am replied:

Let's start with basic troubleshooting: Do you have the Tyranid mod installed? YOu can download it here:

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Rocket-Banana Aug 11 2014, 7:03am says:

Something people doesn't stop to think about cases of severe obesity: The skeleton doesn't "stretch", this guy's ribcage for example is the same size as anyone's.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 11 2014, 6:52am says:

"But I wanted to shoot something..."

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Rocket-Banana Aug 10 2014, 12:26pm says:

Cool but... what game are these from? You can't just assume everyone will know xP

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Rocket-Banana Aug 9 2014, 2:27pm says:

What says "awesome but impractical" better than a literal landship?
Sweet art btw, nice find.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 7 2014, 7:46pm says:

I'll report this announcement here just in case:
As of the latest Dawn of War: Soulstorm update via Steam (Build 418), the UI on the Ultimate Apocalypse mod is broken. We're fully aware of this and we are currently investigating ways to address this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 7 2014, 7:45pm replied:

Just confusingly worded install notes.
As of UA 1.73.4 you only need the Tyranid mod :)

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Rocket-Banana Aug 7 2014, 9:24am replied:

Uploading files from the previous Soulstorm version is *possible*, but also illegal, since they're copyrighted and whatnot.

Steam's automated patching works exclusively on Steam games, if your Soulstorm is disk based (and even if you added as a "non-Steam game" to your Steam library) it won't be affected.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 6 2014, 10:14pm replied:

That is unfortunately a confirmed issue with the latest Soulstorm version (Build 418), which apparently breaks the UI in the UA mod :S
We'll see what can be done to address this problem.

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Rocket-Banana Aug 5 2014, 8:31pm replied:

Still, you're more likely to find people who also plays the mod there, and you can even tell when they're online or not through Steam.
Additionally, anyone can set up public events on the UA Steam group, you can use that to arrange games.

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