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Ok, firstly: I didn't write the rest of the article yet and I'm already almost sure that it won't follow a solid continuity on one subject. More like it'll be what comes to my mind, in order of arrival.
In shorter terms... This'll be a mess. There will also be a lot of parenthesis.
Then it became a "rage vent" blog entry. At least you find others' frustration amusing, don't say I didn't warn you. I'm told I express my frustration in entertaining ways though. I tried to put that on assorted links because you can't actually see or hear me through text.

I have gotten to the conclusion that I'm finally writing a blog entry in ModDB (and not playing Far Cry 2) because I found out that Spess Mehreen not necessarily will disconnect me in 2 minutes or less (unlike the previous times I tried), and a friend invited me to play.
Why am I not playing Spess Mehreen then? Well, according to Steam I'm In-game, but I alt-tabbed. And before that I had to reboot in the middle of the game. Didn't have much choice since my graphics card went retarded mode and killed the video signal. Nothing to worry about my trolly gpu, it's not broken/about to be broken, it's (an insanely "wtfuuuuu" one) issue with using an hdmi cord only.
I know this sounds beyond stupid, but basically:
If I use a hdmi cord only to connect the display = perfect image, signal may randomly die, sometimes until reboot, others in extremely infuriating patterns, such as for 1 second after every click/folder opened
If I use a dvi cord only to connect the display = image has gamma messed up, signal stable
If I connect both dvi and hdmi, using hdmi signal = best of both worlds.
Why? I have no idea.

My friend playing Spess Mehreen went offline a few seconds 10 minutes ago :(
And why wasn't I playing with him after rebooting? Well, he was unresponsive.
Let's make this blog entry a rage vent about the numerous failz my computer has/had despite I put truckloads of moneys on it.
Let's see... The previous motherboard I had failed to boot at all (not even BIOS) 2 of 3 times. I changed my power supply several times (until I moved to my current overkill uber-psu), that was not the problem.
Changed the motherboard (all other components unchanged): Problem solved.
PS: BIOS update didn't fix it either.

You may (or may not at all) know about the great overclockability of some AMD processors. Like the Phenom II 955. Well mine is clocked at 3.2 Ghz by default (as any 955) but... Say I put it to 3.3Ghz. I am an overclocking wizard. Windows boots. Yay. Launch ANYTHING = trolldows freezes. Completely.
Same if I use AMD Overdrive.
Logically I'm not using the obnoxiously loud retail heatsink & fan, I got the best I could afford.
I also got me nice, overclockable RAM. So I have no idea on what's locking me on 3.2Ghz.

What else... Well my current setup takes almost 2 minutes to get to desktop. At least 20 seconds are on the incredibly slow BIOS. Then, despite I have a solid state drive (and pretty much the fastest there is for that matter), the thing takes it's nice slow time at a speed barely faster than on a regular drive. Now, I know that Windows XP is "not specifically designed with SSD's in mind" and all that buy Windows 6.1*cough* I mean 7 or else propaganda everyone does against software that isn't the very latest barely tested and in desperate need of patches version, but I think I must clarify my Windows barely resembles XP. "Classic" look with custom colors, lotsa registry tweaking (and 100% bsod free), junction links to prevent C drive's temp folders growing beyond my ssd's storage capacity and wearing it unnecessarily (I do video encoding, so I sort of need that), but that seemingly only prevents it to fail even more.

It seems I nuked the screenie I had, but sometimes, on either a pattern I haven't figured out yet, or just randomly, the tray icon tooltips appear behind the taskbar.

Not my computer's fault, but game developers' too busy making a game shiney and not optimizing it properly. My Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X can run about any 2008-2010 game in almost if not maxed settings on 1080p, but I didn't really expect to run Nexuiz (a 2012 game) with 8x antialias...
It's much worse than "just" not playing it on high settings.
Anything above lowest quality = My gpu overheats. Horribly (about... 95ÂșC). And Nexuiz on medium quality doesn't by far look as nice as "older" games on maxed settings. At least the game isn't a gigantic pile of gigabytes to install...

Well, I do not know what else to complain about (at least I warned ya it's a rage-vent-ranty blog entry), so I'll end this here xP

PS: I am not what you'd call a "certified expert" on computers, because no one gave me any title, I just was in front of a computer keyboard since I was 5 years old. As I progressively used the computer for... everything, I found myself in the need of learning how to use it properly. So strictly speaking I'm an "experienced user". One that could teach many so called "technicians" quite a few things D:<
Yeah, only a few of the people who do tech support actually have a clear idea of what are they doing. They won't tell you that ofc. They won't tell you stuff like what I (just had the idea) am going to tell you in my next entry. Like how much (in average) time takes to repair a PC.
EDIT: lol, I wonder when I'll finally write that 2nd blog entry xD

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