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Childish, yes.
Silly, yes.
Crazy, I can totally agree.

Even if I'm slowly getting older by the minute.
I always look up- Look up the stars- the ceiling- the skies.
And that means I have an Idea.

It took me three years to get myself into modding much more modern games.
In the past, I was ROM Hacking. I think I still have the will to do so.
And gosh-darn. I sometimes can't sleep at nights till I done what I had wanna do.
I like to experiment with things.
I have done so much in my mod right now.
Personally, I will have to deny the fact that time passes by.
Or else, I wouldn't get anything done.

I'm getting old(yes, I'm still 16 but...).
I'm seeing things at a pace that not a lot of people can comprehend.
I'm not claiming I'm smarter than anyone.
I never said such a thing.

I don't have a lot of people I can physically have contact with.

But, I'm not expecting anyone to come to me.
I'm used to the things they say to me at my back.

Oh well.

I completely lost point of this blog. *sigh*

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