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precision_bomber Jul 22 2014, 10:52pm says:

Mechanical Monstrosities, I love 'em.

+1 vote     media: Another Concept
precision_bomber Jun 1 2014, 12:11am says:


+1 vote     media: Zombie Chase
precision_bomber Feb 8 2014, 4:47am replied:

The Whole Skeleton thing maybe quicker since I wouldn't have to make unique animations for ALL INFANTRY VARIANTS. But, I was like meh--

+1 vote     media: Aero-Acrobatics
precision_bomber Nov 3 2013, 11:29pm says:

Effective use of the EMP gimmick.

+1 vote     media: Remix Screenshots
precision_bomber Oct 23 2013, 2:16pm says:

Its a super good mod. I liked the ending, it was sad but then it was well-made. There's a bit of difficulty spike, due to how near-instantaneously thrown into action(I dealt with the vorts with my crowbar because I was too slow to get the pistol). Nonetheless plays out nice. Marines were not hard to deal with due to Close Quarters type areas; so cheap pie cutting made the difficulty of this mod not too hard.

I'd like to point out the little touches this mod had, the vigorous screen shaking when hurt by hornets gave a nice crunch and felt like that really hurts. The slight bobbing of the camera was nice, then there are the bullsquids that give you poisoned status effect when hit by their projectiles.

Minor complaint, the control room doors on the Questionable Ethics segment can crush you, was this intended?

+1 vote     mod: Hopelessness
precision_bomber Oct 21 2013, 5:02am says:

Its an okay mod however its a bit too easy.

The difficulty really only escalates with the Assassins.

Also, when I played the mod every surface I came near because chromey and with no detail.
for the reference.

0 votes     mod: Project: M.L.P
precision_bomber Oct 10 2013, 5:20am says:

High FOV much?

+2 votes     media: Team Fortress 2
precision_bomber Sep 22 2013, 12:17pm replied:

I'll probably do a Frozen Wonderland too. I've always wanted to make a map that you're so high up that you can get a good view of the world below, or otherwise its covered in mist.

Which is at the same time opposing to Aegians(Asgard) as their enemies Vanir(Niflehiem), live in a world of Frost. A bit of Norse myth going on here.

I need to make an efficient way to make smoke generators rather than putting them down as individual objects.

+1 vote     media: Environment Test
precision_bomber Sep 4 2013, 7:57am replied:

As far as I am concerned, its on hiatus.
I'm currently working on Death Label.

+1 vote     member: precision_bomber
precision_bomber Aug 14 2013, 10:46pm says:

Are those. Railguns?
Or legit Lasers?

+1 vote     media: EEA Mobile Infantry
precision_bomber Aug 14 2013, 1:22pm says:

Wish you the best of luck! Godspeed, new management!

+1 vote     article: Mod under new management
precision_bomber Jun 27 2013, 5:00am says:

Hmmm... So far good progress.

Though needs a lot of improvement.
~You have to make a more spectacular explosion when enemies die/have them with a death sequence.
~The Big Plane just appears there on the screen and dies too quickly, either way make it smaller to make it feel weaker.
~Enemies shooting outside the screen, don't have it. Have bullets created and exist only onscreen.
~Laser Trail lasts too long, either balance its damage or shorten the Trail.

Otherwise don't give up.

+1 vote     media: Sky Hawks Game Demo
precision_bomber Jun 17 2013, 6:22am says:

Repairing the Vic Viper?
That's pretty nice concept there.

Also, the Bacterion!

+1 vote     media: Mission01 Easy Level
precision_bomber Jun 6 2013, 11:36am replied:

I'm glad you're still going on with this project.

I have a similar project to this, it uses the 3d environment. But a lot it is actually 2d(the ship and enemies is just animated images).

Currently, I put on hold, because of complications of the UI and the scripting of events happening on the scene.

I wanna see if I can fully convert it to full-on 3d. Though with the intention of filling the screen with bullets, I'd have to consider getting a good engine.

+1 vote     media: Glow Effects
precision_bomber May 29 2013, 2:06pm replied:

Oh that's the Command Center.

+1 vote     media: IT BEGINS.
precision_bomber May 29 2013, 2:03pm replied:

OH! I get it.

Well if you took time to read the story.
The Chinese/Asians have help from an alien species, the Cutezomes.

+1 vote     mod: Death Label
precision_bomber May 29 2013, 12:49pm says:

The tiling on the background is terribad.

+1 vote     media: Glow Effects
precision_bomber May 28 2013, 10:43pm replied:

Multiple W3DLaserDraw Behaviors.

use it, learn it, love it.

+1 vote     media: Suika Laser Candidates
precision_bomber May 28 2013, 10:41pm replied:

I had no intention on referencing the RA3 unit, Shogun Executioner.

I named the Mecha Shogun, because it was appropriate for the unit's role. Since the unit is good at leading assaults with its Motivation Blast skill.

Though I maybe misreading your comment.

+1 vote     mod: Death Label
precision_bomber May 27 2013, 2:56pm replied:

I used the Stinger Site logic, it spawns the turrets, but does not attach them to the overlord. Also this is able to transport infantry. So... Its a dilemma if I go on the Avenger logic.

I have been able to attach 4 Turrets on a single unit. But thas having 2 Turrets, on the main object and two turrets on the Portable_Structure. Again, that was using Avenger Logic.

Next to test out is the Helix Logic.

+1 vote     media: OVERLORD
precision_bomber May 27 2013, 1:31pm replied:

I'd sell 'em for 3000 but eh.

+1 vote     media: B/After pics of the ranger and infantry powers
precision_bomber May 24 2013, 1:08am replied:

Actually. She IS the strongest... OF HER KIND.

Not even the three mischievious fairies couldn't beat her, canon-wise.
Check Touhou 12.8

+2 votes     media: Eye'm the Strongest!
precision_bomber May 24 2013, 12:57am says:

I like the laser-pointers.
Wonderful job there, peeps!

+3 votes     media: America Missile Defender
precision_bomber May 20 2013, 2:02pm says:

I think the smoke coming out from the Marauder's exhausts are too black.

But looking forward to Salvaging Systems!

+4 votes     media: Salvage States
precision_bomber May 18 2013, 8:00am replied:

What do you think?
Is it supposed to be scary?
Do you think everything I do is serious business?

+2 votes     media: Eye'm the Strongest!
precision_bomber May 17 2013, 11:52am says:

I like this design.

But why do you have to make them so big?

(I doubt you're still working on this mod but if you are then, cap it to 1.)

+1 vote     media: Air Artillery Reporting in
precision_bomber May 17 2013, 11:46am says:

Looks like something from the Battleship movie.

+2 votes     media: Obiterate! With the Obiterate
precision_bomber May 17 2013, 3:20am says:

Lord British and the Vic Viper T301?!

The Bacterian Attack Ship from Gradius V :O

+1 vote     media: 3D Space(Not Finished)
precision_bomber May 14 2013, 7:51pm replied:

Any reference to the King Oni here is unintentional.
Suika from Touhou isn't the case here(If I had the non-laziness to do it I would make her as a Joke Character).

The Reference is from Anime... In which, by itself a huge giveaway now.

+1 vote     media: Suika is Online.
precision_bomber May 14 2013, 7:48pm replied:

This is going to made just so that it doesn't require any patch/mod.

There is a Mod Launcher for Generals out there, I just couldn't put my finger where it is.

+1 vote     mod: Death Label
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