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I got addicted to World of Tanks recently. Definitely the best online game I have played for a while, besides WoW and MapleStory (I'm still a kid at heart).

Everyone should play WoT. It's AMAZING.

But it's freemium free-to-play. It took me several hours to finally get a Tier 5 tank. Be prepared to spend lots of time on it if you play.

If you have CnC Generals ZH, be sure to download the Rise of the Reds mod. The best.

PS Vita? Anyone?

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I know this is largely a computer-game based community (being a mod website and all) but if any of you others out there also like playing with your PlayStation Vita, check out my other blog @ Thevitagamer.blogspot.com
I'm open to you guys' opinions. Feel free to comment where you like.

Also, can anyone tell me what's a good game to play? I think I just played the heck out of WipEout 2048 on my Vita and Generals: Zero Hour on my PC.


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sigh. Don't you hate it when your computer is just not good enough to play the games you want? First-world gamer problems.

Solution: go play old games. Because old games required less powerful computers, were entertaining, didn't last for just 4 hours, and were, well, (for lack of a better word) FUN. Graphics? oh, who cares.

So I'm sitting here enjoying Freelancer and MechWarrior: 4 Mercenaries. I only wish the Mod community put more time into the old games. (not wolfenstein, for goodness sakes who even plays that game???)

But if I get bored (heaven forbid), then I can go back to playing WipEout and Resistance on my Vita. :)

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