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You should know that i am making a mod called saturn: city 38. It will be seperated into parts like Part 1, Part 2, and so on. I already have the whole first part planned out, but its more of a "can i make a mod" mod. If the mod is a success, i will continue the saturn series up until there is no ideas left to make. Please if you have any ideas for my mod, please tell me. Also i will be putting up the pics of maps when i finish them, and then you could give me tips of the places that i could edit or change or whatever. Be sure to check out the NEW story, people were saying that the first story was a little boring or not good, so i hope you like this one better. Now this is the story of the mod that could change maybe, but it might stay the same too(*SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT*): Saturn has been taken over by the combine and can support human life now, so some citizens of other cities on earth are transferred over to a life support test city called City 38. Some of the citizens worked at Black Mesa before it got screwed up by the test. A couple people with Hazard Suits (HEV SUITS) escaped and some even got to somehow hide the suits from the combine. Now you dont want to stay in the city or on the planet, so you decide to try and find a way to go back to earth. You know it wont be easy, especially without weapons. The city was under a lockdown drill, so when the Civil Protection see you step outside, they add you to the Civil Protection's Civilian Black List. This means that they are going to arrest you, or even kill you if you resist. Luckily, you get some weapons and a Hazard Suit from a person who used to work at Black Mesa, and he wishes you good luck and gives his HEV Suit to you to protect you. You fight through a small part of the city, and some people give you a rest at their house.(THIS IS THE END OF PART 1, REMEMBER THIS IS MORE OF A "can i make a mod" MOD. IF THIS MOD IS A SUCCESS, I WILL MAKE A PART TWO, AND SO ON UNTIL THE END OF THE SERIES) :: Now i have Part 2 planned out as the time you get out of the city, WITH A JEEP. You will still have to walk a little but now you can use the jeep to eventually get out of the city. At the end of Part 2, you exit the city and enter the cities suburbs, the desert of Saturn. That is where Part 3 continues, but i don't have Part 3 planned yet, all that you will be in the middle of a desert. We'll come to that whenever i get there. By the way if you want to help me with this mod in any way, i really am not a good group leader because i am new to moddb, but not to the source sdk tool. You'll have to help me with the group if you want to help with the mod. So far all i know is that the mod should release somewhere in 2010 unless anything changes. I hope you like this mod!! :D

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Saturn Development Studios

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Welcome to Saturn Development Studios!! This is a small dev group made up of 1 person, pierce819, who makes quests and mods for Fallout 3 (G.E.C.K.) and...

pierce819 Creator

if anyone has a steam account feel free to join my random group :D heres the link...

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