Well, what can I tell you? About myself? I was there for a while, but I'm here now. I do stuff. Unless I'm doing other things. A few things I don't do anymore. Other things just recently caught my interest. You know, I'd really like to talk about my mod now...

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pecoes Feb 19 2012, 7:03pm replied:

Thanks! :)

And, please, do stay tuned! I'll write a blog entry about my progress some time this week...

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pecoes Jan 29 2012, 5:52am says:

@raedwald, @Grey_Fox9, @Seferoth & @all:

Hi everybody! I'm back. After being unable to work on this mod for over three months, I'm finally back. Work on the next version has finally resumed. Yay!

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pecoes Oct 11 2011, 12:28am says:

Being one of the people who pestered you with a bunch of these questions I'm glad you published the answers! Good job! The additional recommendations are a nice touch as well.

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pecoes Sep 11 2011, 7:06am replied:


Thank you very much :)

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pecoes Aug 5 2011, 4:40am replied:


There are already plenty ways to make the game easier. Just transform into a Jade Golem or a Red Minister, when the going gets rough... or use Harmonic Combos to instakill your opponents... The game comes with its own built-in cheat modes, if you will. But just because they're there, doesn't mean you have to use them. Nobody forces you to play the game in a cheesy way.

So, yes, it's possible that I added a new kind of cheesy, but that's not the way I look at it. Central for me - personally - is that I feel in control of my character. Vanilla Jade Empire sometimes makes me feel like a handicapped person. I know what I should do. I have the time to do it. But I don't have control over the my limbs. My arms and legs just won't do as I want them to. And so I end up getting pummelled.

Getting rid of that very uncomfortable feeling is - for me - what this is about. I've also been told, that I swear a lot less, while I play :)

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pecoes Jul 17 2011, 4:45pm says:

I get the feeling the 1.0 will be my last release. In that sense 0.2 is a very good number.

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pecoes Jul 17 2011, 12:41pm replied:

PM me your email address and I'll keep you in the loop of future TLK changes!

You do have a TLK editor, don't you? You can get one here: Starwarsknights.com (You will need 7-zip to open the file)

And again: The "Comments" are not a good place for long discussions. That's what the forum is for. Please, post your questions there!

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pecoes Jul 17 2011, 11:32am replied:

So you're really working on a translation then? Sweet!

I've updated the list.

These entries were modified:


And these are new:

131013 -> 131026

If you're serious about this, we should continue this discusion in the forum. This isn't the place for such things.

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pecoes Jul 15 2011, 6:05am replied:

@Sanguinius + Peacekeeper18:

Back in the day when this game was shiny and new (and long before I noticed it) there was a modder who seemed to almost have deciphered Jade Empire's model format:


Had he pushed just a little further or maybe joined forces with Fred Tetra (of KotorTool fame), then the history of Jade Empire modding might have taken a completely different turn and we'd have an active JE modding community with hundreds of mods now.

Or so I think...

PS: And thanks for the compliments! ;)

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pecoes Jul 11 2011, 10:28am replied:

Well... Jade Empire's reputation for being unmoddable is well-earned. There is no tool with which one could export the game's assets to a 3d-editor of any sort. Likewise there's no tool with which one could create new objects and add them to the game's assets. And - of course - there's no toolset with which one could conveniently re-arrange levels or create new ones, either.

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pecoes Jul 10 2011, 6:06am replied:

@VAZBAZ: If you want to translate my mod, be my guest!

Here's the raw data:


If you have questions or need the data in a different format, let me know!

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