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paul_vortex Nov 13 2012, 11:56am replied:

DarkMaster/Netherworld отменен, если вернемся к нему то это будет другая вещь. За свой проект обязательно возьмемся, но пока не знаю точно когда. Могу сказать только что следующий релиз (0.1) в какой-то степени определит наши дальнейший планы.

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paul_vortex Oct 30 2012, 5:52am says:

Спрайты - временные заменители. Они могут быть замещены полноценными 3D моделями. Для этого в игре сделан специальный функционал.

Создание и анимирование 3д моделей для всех персонажей в наши планы не входит. В готовящемся релизе 0.1 большинство персонажей будут спрайтовыми (за исключением нескольких, демонстрирующих систему замены на 3д модель).

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paul_vortex Mar 7 2011, 2:35pm says:

Yeah. Remastering would be cool but not really possible for now. To make derivative works on original tracks (which remaster is by nature is), we need to get permission from Steve Henifin first and very skilled audiophile that can do that in the second. Currently composers do renditions, no original media material is used.

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paul_vortex Feb 23 2011, 4:41am says:

Yeah, the mapping is done in blender, it allows to make almost perfect UV's with no seams. There is a bit of unusual in how we process and render terrain.

We extended q3map2 with few tricks that help to make easy blending, like automatic vertexalpha fixing on vertexes where 2 materials meet.

In terms of workflow, we generate composite .shader file which does all variations of ground materials (currently there is 11 of them, about 500 shaders), mapper dont need to write specific .shader, he set what material he need on foreground, what on background and what method of vertex alpha generation to use (dot2, force-background, force-foreground, use embedded vertex alpha), like grass-ground-f is material of "grass" as background, "ground" as foreground and grass forced on. This shot has about 5 shaders shown.

Also there is extended microblending technique which use alpha values from textures to generate microblends (grass patches on stones). So grass-ground-f and grass-rock-f will not look the same, amount of rocks and ground will be shown even if blending 100% grass.

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