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OverturnStick Aug 22 2010, 3:30pm says:

I hope this isn't dead, it looked very promising.

+1 vote   mod: Take Over
OverturnStick Aug 17 2010, 7:19pm says:

Great mod, been trackin from start! Looks very very very realistic from the videos.. Gameplay, textures, everything! Can someone tell me what's the song name on the latest video with him in some abandoned apartment block?

+1 vote   mod: Raindrop
OverturnStick Jun 28 2010, 8:11pm says:

**** yes, good job L.U.R.K. team, loving it!

+1 vote   download: L.U.R.K. 1.1
OverturnStick Jun 28 2010, 7:54pm replied:

Disaster, as in he failed to create what he originally wanted.

+1 vote   download: Disaster
OverturnStick Apr 9 2010, 11:52am says:

Awesome what you have done with CS!

+3 votes   media: Clear Sky Complete
OverturnStick Apr 1 2010, 10:26am says:

Nice april fools :D Massive LOL @ the noobs thinking this is real :D

+1 vote   news: FANet: Drops Dedicated Server Support
OverturnStick Mar 28 2010, 8:25am says:

Why are source 2007 (I guess that's what you are using) shadows so grainy on the edges? View the original screenshot to see what I'm talking about.

+1 vote   media: Corridor next of the generator room -wip-
OverturnStick Feb 26 2010, 7:40pm replied:


+1 vote   news: The Haunted wins Epic's Make Something Unreal Contest
OverturnStick Feb 10 2010, 3:58pm says:

Stop spamming your 1337board all over the place. Noone is ever going to use it.. How many downloads have u got on all 99999 of ur 1337board versions? 100? 1000?

0 votes   download: Elements of War v11 - The Legend of Curtis
OverturnStick Feb 1 2010, 1:10pm says:

I'd have to say the Dragunov SVD (Nr. 3) and the Mauser K98k (Nr. 4), because those babies would tear through zombies. Though, ammo would be hard to find.

+1 vote   media: What rifle do you want implemented into the game?
OverturnStick Feb 1 2010, 1:09pm says:

Number 2, because it looks more like a survivor, number 1 is just riot police.. Yes, you can grab stuff off of other people, but while doing that or dressing up again you might get attacked or something and besides, this mod is about surviving not about riot police.

0 votes   media: Choose which version you like: 1 or 2.
OverturnStick Jan 23 2010, 10:29am says:

Can you get on that cliff? If not, make us able to. Your outside map should be surrounded by a huge 3D skybox terrain which requires some effort and looks beautiful compared to a 1 metre high cliff.

+1 vote   media: Some outside screens!
OverturnStick Jan 23 2010, 8:53am replied:


+1 vote   news: Zero Gear Live on Steam
OverturnStick Jan 20 2010, 6:10pm says:

Wow. Now that's what I call a Source mod! Better quality than VALVe on their own engine, in less time they ever could - and this is only in alpha/beta stage. I wonder what we will see in the full release! Rock on dudes!

+2 votes   media: The Lower Depths
OverturnStick Jan 20 2010, 6:06pm says:

Well, yes the word duty describes the piece well. Whether I like it or not, depends on where you are planning to place this music in the game. If this would come from duty base 24/7, no, I would not like it.

+2 votes   media: Extrem Mod Soundtrack : Duty theme
OverturnStick Jan 19 2010, 3:30pm says:

Nah. Default suits the bar better.

+1 vote   media: Radio Songs for the Bar ( sing 1/8 )
OverturnStick Dec 14 2009, 8:19am says:

Nice! And it's 'At last!' not 'At least!'.

+2 votes   media: Finished Armor
OverturnStick Nov 27 2009, 8:38pm says:

What's up with his huge mouth?

0 votes   media: Game Character
OverturnStick Nov 27 2009, 4:00pm says:

STALKER: Clear Sky-ish :P
Not that you are copying anything, but it really resembles The Swamp, AND I LOVE IT! :D

+5 votes   media: In-game
OverturnStick Nov 20 2009, 10:26am says:

Firstly, game themes shouldn't include any vocal or singing sounds at all imo.
Secondly, I will have to agree with the guys above that it doesn't fit the mod at all, because it's more like happy or fun than scary. If you want a reference or something to learn from, I'd suggest Killing Floor or Situation Outbreak version 1.52, because they are both zombie apocalypse mods and you would get a better idea what kind of music you should make or "acquire" for your mod.

+2 votes   media: Project 8 NEW THEME
OverturnStick Nov 20 2009, 10:20am says:

It's really nice, but I like the one SO has right now. You guys could just make multiple menu music files, couldn't you?

+2 votes   media: New Situation Outbreak Theme
OverturnStick Nov 17 2009, 9:18am replied:

As far as I saw from the video, they are not so much, but in the end, something really scared me. The archer is still OP with his speed and hopping around. Sure you can't bunnyhop around any more but you can still hop as much as you like. We need a stamina bar. Even if sprinting won't ever be included in this game (which would be great), jumping should drain it and you couldn't hop as much.

Just my 2 cents

+1 vote   media: 2.3 Gestir Gameplay
OverturnStick Nov 16 2009, 4:46pm replied:

WIP, I guess.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - Underground Complex
OverturnStick Nov 1 2009, 9:46am says:

Steamlab? What does that mean? I don't get the idea. Is that your developing studio name? You should make that video shorter if it only shows the name.

+1 vote   media: Intro
OverturnStick Oct 30 2009, 6:21am says:

Nice colour correction I might add, if it's not fog.

+1 vote   media: DCI's Laboratory
OverturnStick Oct 22 2009, 3:03pm says:

Battlefield Heroes.

+1 vote   poll: What major game genre have you played most in the last week?
OverturnStick Oct 11 2009, 5:40am says:

Damn, this mod has grown so popular so fast. I hope you are as fast to release it :P

+4 votes   media: Goals Test Map Run Through
OverturnStick Oct 11 2009, 5:37am says:

WOW! I almost thought that was real.. You've got such good textures there, but that concrete bar behind the dude needs some work if you ask me :P Keep it up!

+21 votes   media: STALKER Complete 2009
OverturnStick Oct 10 2009, 5:47am says:

Isn't it still WIP?

+1 vote   media: Deadlock Recent Work
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