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operation_sleepwalk Jan 20 2010, 10:17am says:

you should call the game tupac: the quest for curly's gold

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operation_sleepwalk Aug 10 2009, 5:07pm says:

i think they are far to vague in detail for the 3d guys to get any significant understanding of how they look

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operation_sleepwalk Jul 22 2009, 7:42pm says:

thats not a default skin intellectual rights lawsuit coming!!!!

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operation_sleepwalk Jul 22 2009, 7:40pm says:


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operation_sleepwalk Mar 26 2009, 7:56am replied:

i havent really been saying anything but eden in ashes development is going underground

taking a page out of the book of the neo tokyo mod we will release more info only once beta is fully function and ready to play this will enable us to have a rush of hype and that we can build off of not to mention filled servers

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operation_sleepwalk Mar 25 2009, 7:42pm says:

hey are you still gonna be working with us?

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 18 2008, 5:11pm says:

also any comments concerning it being awkward in shape should not be posted i tested the rifle in the hands of my zygote male model and its can be held slung and reloaded comfortably

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 18 2008, 4:12pm replied:

we are sticking with the source engine

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 18 2008, 1:47am says:

ya i didnt get that comment either i matched the pose up with my "zygote male" model and it matched flawlessly

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 17 2008, 4:19pm says:

my webmaster doesnt have a second to throw me these days so its on pause

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 14 2008, 6:27pm replied:

its possible many of these kind of features will be developed after beta clears up all the core features.

also many features will be a matter of debate between you the gamers and us the developers.

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 14 2008, 6:21pm replied:

um...andy we are seasoned modders and we know the poly limits and we know the engine.

the zbrush program has many tools for poly count optimizing, in fact this process of transforming high poly concepts into functioning game models is one of major selling points. But we we don't use only zbrush my team as of now is fluent in cinema 4d, 3ds max, maya and im not even sure what others.

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 10 2008, 3:18pm says:

looks great but for an mp5k its ridiculously thick

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operation_sleepwalk Nov 4 2008, 4:56pm says:

why does the red dot point jog? the light marker is non moving part of an eotech red dot

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operation_sleepwalk Oct 19 2008, 5:53pm replied:

ill mess around with it :P

thanks good crit

also with the story it wouldn't make sense for them to look ragtag the freedom fighters actually use older urban versions of "Sons of Eden" equipment.

plus if they looked more ragtag compared to edens extremely impressive crimson guard unit troopers it would imply that they are completely outmatched

+1 vote   media: freedom fighter action concept
operation_sleepwalk Oct 10 2008, 9:01pm says:

plinko!!!!!!! toaster tank!!!!!!!! i get my anklet off soon we got to sip some drinks and burn some books and prank some calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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operation_sleepwalk Sep 26 2008, 8:04pm replied:


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operation_sleepwalk Sep 26 2008, 2:48pm replied:

its just me and my brother right now well kinda hes just doing the site

i have the drive to complete a lot of the modelling and of coarse the art myself ill get more 3d up when i'm done porting from cinema 4D to 3DS max (very different programs hard to relearn!)but the engine programming is another case ill probably get an impressive programmer or programmers when i can show them completed map, weapon, and character models and a functioning site and a good community hype

but if anyone's interested in joining um well they would be in limbo until i have a full understanding what the first public beta will entail
and the site is not complete along with the forum which my preferable method of dev. communication plus i dont want to spend energy screening for realistic candidates

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operation_sleepwalk Sep 26 2008, 12:04pm replied:

its desert most of the maps are going to have a yellow tint in this picture the yellow is just a base color as i add more detail and dirt it will look different

also i have a frontal mask concept im about to scan in and work on then im going to detail them then i will do the gun, modeling concept, action concept, and a mask concept for the freedom fighters

+1 vote   media: eden infantry action concept (WIP)
operation_sleepwalk Sep 23 2008, 6:29pm says:

I hear ya, that arm looks kinda goofy as it is I had to make it large to have space for a large crest that goes on that arm

it will look a lot better when fully touched up

+1 vote   media: eden soldier action concept
operation_sleepwalk Sep 19 2008, 9:58am replied:

it is a bullpup, bullpup (just so you know) meaning round fed from behind the trigger mechanism its class not so much an actual name of a specific rifle

+1 vote   media: pilgrim rifle WIP
operation_sleepwalk Sep 12 2008, 5:43pm replied:

cant man the tools just arent there all the stuff about effects would have to be thrown out almost completely

plus with the mods goal being sensory depth it wouldnt make any sense to limit myself with a dated engine

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operation_sleepwalk Sep 12 2008, 12:57pm replied:

keep in mind this is only a very rough draft

but it's not going to be to rediculously futuristic looking there arent going to be any lazers or power armor im keeping the world grounded and convincing using just tweeking in interesting ways versions of the the military equipment used today this guy for example has armor made of multiple thin layers of hardened plastic covered by mesh this technology/concept makes the armor light and bendable making a soldier faster and giving him more dexterity this will in further updates be reflecting in the way the player can fluently roll and do other maneuvers that would otherwise be limited if the player model wore most other armor materials

+4 votes   media: sons of eden scepter player model
operation_sleepwalk Sep 8 2008, 1:09pm says:

ya guy sorry little confusion

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operation_sleepwalk Oct 21 2007, 11:41pm says:

ULTIMATE i also lost my wacom pen...but im still competing just make do with a mouse its not that much of a change if i was to accept excuses like well i cant because my tablets broken then i would never be good at what i do

+1 vote   feature: Concept Art Competition
operation_sleepwalk Sep 13 2007, 10:01am says:

Arent those missile pods, if so why would missile pods need easier transmission of energy. Being the fact that all controlled path weapons are still fired by either fuse or in the case of space simple activation of the self contained propelling component.

Also if those aren't missile pods and are my best guess, directed energy barrels. Then ill have to ask again why would position matter considering a single service military vehicle should be completely devoted to its purpose, such as in the hiigaran ion cannon frigate.

shown here(you are probably already aware of but still used for reference purposes):

As you can see the majority of its body length is obviously devoted to the weapons function, creating directed ion discharges. With a simple opening port for the energy to escape.

So when designing a ship the majority of its body would almost always closely relate to its function and in the case of energy weapons well multiple barrels make the powerplant of the ship work harder and it would be much easier to simply combine the barrels into one for a more accurate and more powerful single shot

PS i love your work! the best mod ive seen so far! great game, homeworld 2 alot people tried to do good mods for it but this takes the cake by far!

+1 vote   media: I-4 "Double Dragon" Tactical Fighter
operation_sleepwalk Aug 19 2007, 12:13am says:

i dont want to be the first guy to bash but... this actually... isn't... that great

i mean ive created some of my own philosophies making my own weapons
such as the unneeded is just that, unneeded. See you got a lot of little bumps and ridges and knobs and levers but it seems like your distracting us from the fact that the rifle isnt that innovative. Its a fancy bullpup box clip rifle
in the believable future the us military would have dabbled a little bit into molding rounds or caseless ammunition or helical drums or even high velocity ammunition also there is nail rail interface systems of any type and the one most notable thing
about all weapons is as i said before simplicity the unneeded grooves and shapes of this rifle serve no purpose and thus no weapon company would use them i mean if you blur your eyes it has enough edges and details to be a train that front could have just been a classic housing with heat ports

im not saying that this isnt good or that your not an amzing artist neither am i saying that my designs are any better(keep in mind i model in source polygon limitations) im just giving my opinion and really it doesnt even matter because the community loves them but then again the community loves paintball mods but hey you off to an amazing career

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operation_sleepwalk Aug 21 2007, 1:22pm says:

is that cinema 4d? if so where the hell did you learn how to do character modelling?

+1 vote   media: Early Character Art
operation_sleepwalk Aug 11 2007, 1:12am says:

im interested talk to me on aim sometime


+2 votes   mod: Half Life: Warzone
operation_sleepwalk Aug 11 2007, 12:59am says:

if you willing to make it fictional im in

but i would like to talk about it first on aim ventrilo or some kind of real conversational means

heres some of my work

respond on this page ill check it

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