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_Omnia_ @ The Road to Edain 4.0: Misty Mountains, Part One

hello, I am a member of a group of Italian players who has been following the project edain mod (also on modding-union) and I would like to ask when it will be available edain 4.0 and which languages ​​will be available.
We had started a project of translating the edain mod 3.8.1, and if I can talk to someone in charge would like to start a project of the Italian translation also edain 4.0. Thank you.

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_Omnia_ @ Edain Mod 3.8.1

Hi all, I'm a member of a group of italian players that loves battle for the middle earth 2 - Rise of the Witch King and we love edain mod. We use the last version 3.8.1. We are a gruop of informatic developer and we want to increase edain mod with an italian translation that can be used by other italian players.
I want know if is possible what is the name of the file of the edain mod in which is contained the texture of the game that is only german. Is "germanpatch201.big"? Or englishpatch201.big? I opened these file with the program FinalBig and I extract the file lotr.csf for the firs, and the file lotr.str for the second. I chenged those file with an editor such as csfeditor and then I replace them to the original, but than if I start the game tha chenge doesn't work, there aren't.
What are we doing to translate? What is the file of german lang that we will change?
Thank you for all.

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