I'm a photography student Studying at TAFE NSW. I'm a nerd, my past times are pretty much 95% computer related. Gaming, Photography, graphics design, more gaming haha!! I'm working with my best mate in making a game (Hopefully, games) as well as my studies and working in a factory, so I'm a busy man

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Normy1993 @ Just a Nice Update :)

To extend on Garcy's reply:

It will not be freeware, but it will be cheap. I can say it'll be under $15 but don't quote me on it, we are unsure what third party companies want to take out of the profit cut but we will try and make it even on all platforms.
We have plans to release it on Desura, Indie DB, Steam, Xbox Live, Windows 8 market place, the Linux store, and possibly afew more. Again, I can't be sure but this is what we'll be aiming for. If all else fails it will be on Desura, and I'm 100% sure on that.
Release will almost surely be delayed, but we hope for not much longer than the mid of Feb. If earlier then yippie!

We appreciate your interest in the game :)

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Normy1993 @ Sneaky Normy!

Whoopsie, I missed this comment! I appreciate the feed back, I've been working quite hard on the art style ever since I joined 'These Blokes' and started work with Garcy. I do understand that they look a bit flat but I am working on them. Luckily for you that sole planet you spoke about has been scrapped, and was scrapped from the beginning. We just needed some fill in content to continue progress.

I'll try my best to get some more progress posts out there for you my friend! Take care, thanks again for watching out for our progress. I will try harder next time to not miss your comment ahaha :)

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