Hola, I am Neuntoter, main programmer for Enguised Studios. Besides writing game engines and special features, I love to play games and watch movies. Most of my influences come from games like Contra, DooM I,II, and 3, Icewind Dale, Final Fantasy (first NES version). Currently my partner Nonulok and I have been hard at work to bring Tik Tok Tank to life for the masses to enjoy. I also have a small side project in the works. Hmmm, what will that one be like....

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Lair of the Madhat

Game review

read my comment in the summary part for the game. My only gripe is that it is short (less than an hour) but it was a time goal they were up against and for that they did a great job.

Keep up the great work and hope to see more from you in the future.



Game review

Great mechanics, graphics and concept. Is at heart an RTS without out being overly complicated. It does have a severe lack of content, but it was a very short time goal that they were working against so this rating is based on that knowledge. Can't wait to see more from them in the future.



Game review - 1 agree

I found this game to be very fun and weird (in a good way). It gives a very good gameplay with simple controls. It almost felt like a Doom game with the way the atmosphere was which I absolutely loved. I believe some polishing needs done with the world collision since you can get stuck sometimes against the walls but besides that. Well worth the purchase and support it gives to the dev. Great Job



Mod review - 1 agree

the ideas and talent put into this MOD are great. The MOD is also very enjoyable with a few glitches per se. The gripes I have are not fully with the MOD itself but how it uses it's own config file. But all things aside, the content is good and very enjoyable. The new monster's were freakin sweet and looked very bad ***. The hero that you use is a very high quality model with great detail. I really hope they decide to make a full MOD from this and not just leave it as is because it has so much potential.

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