I'm a freelancer looking for pay per model type work. I want to get hired by a company as soon as I'm good enough. My website is www.danielmanion.net I like making environmental work, hard surface type models, mechanical, vehicles, tanks, aircraft, weapons.

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I'm now working for a mod 'valkyrian wars' for Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars.
The models are diffuse only with textures ranging from 512-1024 and tri counts ranging 2,000-5,000
though most models I've done so far come way below that number to convey the detail in the concept. It's fun for a change doing only low poly modelling, uving, and then handpainting the texture. Not having to worry about spec, baking, normals, shaders, ect.

Normal maps are still a thing I struggle with, I can bake them and get them to show correctly in max with 3 point shader or xoliuls shader pretty easily, but when brought into udk engine there's always problems with the shading especially across mirrored seams. Hopefully my next series of tests on this will use a simple object that I can quickly bake and trouble shoot until i fix my method of baking for udk.

I started studying modelling my own in 2005 when I was 15 years old. I learned everything I know through the internet. I always had a thing for art and video games before that. So I found out you can make game art for a job. I was inspired by the new visual quality of the next gen systems ps3 and xbox 360, and wanted to make art like that myself. In a world where you can interact with it and fly all around it in 3d, just amazing.

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